Yet another reason to fly China Southern

Reader J sent me a link to China Southern’s first class menu, which is providing me my nightly entertainment since the season of Honey Boo Boo is over.

I recommend checking out the entire menu, though here are some of the highlights (and remember, this is “an experience most worthy of expecting!):

Western-style breakfast
You can choose from the mixture of rice crisp pieces and milk, French slippery fried eggs as Well as spaghetti with tomato sauce and chicken sauce.
Cold snacks before the dinner
Nutritious bread, mingled with specially made camembert sandwich, baked chicken, scamp, etc., and poured with various home-made sauce, makes your appetizer more attractive.
Midnight snack
Big bowl of beef noodles of China Southern Airlines: hand-made stretched noodles in intense beef bone soup, covered with pieces of brisket and cowheels, together with parsley flakes, fried pepper circles and fried peanuts; pepper sauce and mature vinegar can be added according to personal flavor.

You can choose Ferrero rocher, mushroom spinach pie, seasonal fruit basket, instant noodles or tuna fish sandwich that suits your taste.

Who’s hungry? And as if the food wasn’t appealing enough:

We also provide Chinese food and Western food, over 8 kinds of beverage.

Eight kinds of beverages? Oh boy, how am I supposed to make a selection with that many options? 😉

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  1. I think this is another case of terrible Chinese translations, especially with the “Eight kinds of beverages” what they meant was eight categories, as in, Beer, spirits, soda pop, tea/coffee… , not eight different drinks like coke, spirit, root beer…

  2. After reading the Chinese section, the correct translation for “You can choose from the mixture of rice crisp pieces and milk, French slippery fried eggs”


    Your choice between “Cereal or French Toast”

    Since these foods don’t have words in Chinese, the translations are often non standard, and obviously the Translator who had to turn it back into English simply translated individual characters as oppose to the meaning, still very amusing indeed.

  3. Chinese in-flight meals are something to behold. I flew business on Air China and had a hard time identifying anything on my tray except for maybe rice….

  4. Just finished a roundtrip on CZ to the A380 but service could be more refined. Also, they keep the plane way too hot (woke up sweating). On flights to and from China I had to ask them to drop the temp.

  5. Hilarious! Engrish at its best. And watch out for their First/Business class – that cabin has only FIVE kinds of beverage.

  6. Very true, they do not know about cocktails! But being able to redeem DL miles at the last minute to get to Asia is worth the inconveniences.

  7. When you said, “You wanted to try their first class product” It took me several minutes to get of the floor and clear away the tears. I will say it again but a tad stronger, “be afraid, very afraid” At the best it is anarchy oh and can’t wait to read how they served you diet coke with hot nuts and the condition of the bathroom towards the end of the flight!!

  8. It is really that hard for them to find somebody to clean up the English translation? I mean, not one person at the airline noticed that?

  9. Makes perfect sense to me:





  10. And spkg, I don’t know who taught you Chinese, but “法式煎滑蛋” does not mean French toast. It translates literally as “French-style scrambled eggs.”

  11. Aw, come on, Lucky. If it was your job to translate AA’s first class menu into Chinese, would the end result be any less amusing to a Chinese-speaker?

    That said, I really wonder what cowheel soup tastes like…

  12. For the Guangzhou-London flight, presumably in coach, they don’t go into as much detail for the appetizers–what IS “silver pout in lotus leaf”? But they wax quite enthusiastic over the main meal: “The savory paste and fresh seasonal vegetables will definitely make you drool. And the ingredients for Irish Lamb Chop are tender local lamb, served with the classic French stewed mixed vegetables and Italian johnnycake. This is the dietary trend in Europe.

    Glad to know that.

  13. Oh I am sure they can find someone who can do better translation, but they probably don’t care or needs it. Their main customer base are mostly Chinese anyway. Same with China Eastern. If you want good service and greeting card from FA flying to china, go with CX and dragon air. But if you don’t care about service and just want to get there faster and ALOT cheaper with connection to every corner of china, CZ and MU are so much better.

  14. Maybe because they are based in Guanzhou, their Chinese menu is more of a cantonese-Chinese style not your regular Chinese either.

  15. no matter how funny it may sound the image of the food at the link is very sophisticated and well presented. So it maybe one of those cases where it actually looks and tastes way better than it sounds.

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