Wow, Craig Ferguson is actually funny (sometimes)!

Check out this monologue by Craig Ferguson regarding his recent “bump” from a Continental flight. Actually very funny, although one important detail is missing — what was the compensation?!?

(Tip of the hat to Mike)

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  1. Haha, I watched this live (ha, another inside joke for anyone else who watches Craig regularly) and really found it funny. I posted it in the CO forum yesterday, and as one poster said, Craig really is a good story teller.

    Also, I’ll have to say that Craig is funny ALWAYS. Just celebrated his 1000th show last night. Here’s to 1000 more!

  2. I much prefer Craig over Conan or Jimmy Fallon. He’s so much funnier. I can’t understand why he is not more popular

  3. Ha, that was great. As an avid CO flyer and a decent tall guy as well, I can definitely relate to how he felt on an ERJ-145.

  4. Hey…Craig is funny all the time! He’s my favorite of the late night hosts. He does read email on the air so I think you need to send one in and ask what he got for his bump.

  5. Great monologue. But what always gets me about airline-bashing is people don’t seem to understand is that every airline has its good days and its bad days. Every airline has its vociferous haters and adoring, ardent devotees. Airlines are such huge entities, it can looks brilliant one moment and a dog the next. Your positive and negatives experiences on particular airlines, especially as it relates to service, are mostly luck of the draw, Craig’s included.

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