Would you like to fly this plane?

I’ve seen some dirty planes, but never anything this bad from a US airline. What galaxy has this plane been flying around in?

(Tip of the hat to Ryan)

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  1. Worse than the aesthetics, surely this increases drag & cuts measurably into fuel efficiency.

  2. Yeah – I don’t know about that plane. I am by no means a nervy flier, but looking at how long it has gone between cosmetic maintenance – how confident am I that the important stuff has been properly done? I’m just really saddened that my former favorite airline has come to this.

  3. It goes to show that United needs to pay a bit of TLC, Paint, and repairs to the whole fleet.

    First impressions alas do count…

  4. Wow, that’s really bad…is it possible that plane had been stored in the desert and called back into service on relatively short notice, and they just hadn’t had a chance to spruce it up?

    Alternately, is this a sign that UA has started subcontracting exterior cleaning to Air France? 🙂

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