Why would a flight attendant do this?

OK, so on a Ted flight last week I observed one of the flight attendants remove the twisty thing (the word for it escapes me right now) at the top of a 12 oz. Coke can of each can he collected and place them in his pocket. He also seemed to insist on doing all the trash pick-ups, since he really seemed to want the tops. Anyone know why he’d want them? Is it to subsidize his income by recycling them? Is he like my 2nd grade teacher that collected them so she could visually show us how much a million was?

Enlighten me, please!

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  1. He most likely is collecting the pop can tabs as part of a charity fundraising drive. How money is redeemed is beyond me. They collected them in my high school and elementary school for various charities, one of which was for wheelchairs which is mentioned in this “article”:

    I vaguely recall a thread on FT about FAs collecting them from pax as well, but can’t seem to find it.

  2. I also noticed this on a flight over the weekend. In fact, while I was in the galley I noticed that the FA’s had punched holes in the bottom of a styrofoam cup so that it could act as a rinsing basket for the tabs. Someone had written “TABS” on the outside and it was under the water spigot in the galley. I was in F so I didn’t notice if they were actively asking for them in Y.

  3. Funny you should ask? I saw a female FA do the same thing last week on my flight. Let me just say it really slowed down the trash collection process. Quite annoying, actually. The FA was obsessive in the way in which she collected those things. I thought about taking mine off ahead of time to see her reaction… 😉

  4. Good info, thanks! The whole thing annoyed me a bit as well, since it really slowed down the trash collecting and also looked tacky as hell.

    When I saw the FA doing this, I actually took the “tab” off and placed it inside the can, since I had no clue what he was doing (I figured he was annoyed by them for some reason and was throwing them away). When he came to my row and noticed mine was off, he gave me a dirty look. 😀

  5. Yeah it would be for Chairty. They usually do something similar over here in Australia. Milk bottle tops is also another one they use for the schools.

    Very random things!

  6. Thanks for confirming, at least I know now (and kind of feel like an ass for being annoyed about the whole thing). Still, it seems like they get $1.50 for a gallon worth of these. Is it really worth the guy’s time?

  7. I’m a flight attendant. We collect them for charity. At my airline we collect the cans separately from the other garbage. We do it efficiently so as to not inconvenience the passengers. Then in the galley, we remove the tops. The cans themselves are then put in a special spot in the galley for the catering folks to take and recycle. The money generated from the can recycling is used to fund a charity called Wings. Wings helps fellow crew who are seriously ill, or have some other serious life issue that prevents them from working. The can tops are taken home and delivered to whatever charity the individual flight attendant likes.
    Hope this helps!

  8. Thanks Chris, it sounds like a fantastic charity and I commend you guys for doing the extra work to collect them.

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