Why not get married at the Hampton Inn JFK?

As many of you may remember, Priority Club was offering the “King Bed Manhattan View Suite” at the brand new Long Island Holiday Inn for a mere 15,000 points per night. While that’s the normal rate for a Holiday Inn redemption, they typically only offer the lowest level room at that price. The “Manhattan View Suite” actually looks nice, and typically retails for $650 per night.

I booked this for a stay in two weeks, since that’s when we’re returning from Asia and have a one night layover in New York, arriving from Tokyo and continuing to Miami. While it’s not that convenient and is about a $40 cab ride each way, I figured it was worth it considering the room type. Well, based on a report by another FlyerTalker, they don’t have any suites ready yet. It’s listed nowhere on the website, but when I try to make a booking they don’t seem to offer any suites. Perhaps I’m being a bit unrealistic, but I would expect the hotel to contact me if that were the case.

Well, now I’m considering booking a room at the Hampton Inn JFK instead, which is about $135/night. Given the free internet it seems like a decent deal. I just can’t help but laugh at their website, though.

First of all, are those two ladies standing on the other side of the counter in the picture supposed to be employees or people checking in? I assume they’re supposed to be employees, but then I have no clue why one of them is facing away from the camera, as if she’s checking in.

 Second of all, am I the only one that finds the text hilarious?

The modern lines of John F. Kennedy Airport immediately call to mind soaring to exotic destinations and unexplored countries. We hope you’re either coming from or headed to a fantastic vacation. Either way, the Hampton Inn® hotel in New York-JFK Airport (Jamaica/Queens) makes the perfect base to stop before or after your flight.

Then they go on to say:

Are you planning a meeting? Wedding? Family reunion? Little League game?

Ah, planning a marriage or getting married at a “base to stop before or after your flight” sounds like a recipe for success!

I’m still torn on this one. Stay at the Holiday Inn and then express my disappointment in not getting a suite when I booked one? Stay at the Hampton Inn and actually pay for my stay? Contact the Holiday Inn now? Decisions, decisions….

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  1. I just called and asked about suites without referencing my reservation. The agent indicated that there was a “maintenance issue” with the suites (what the hell does that mean given that the hotel just opened?), and that it wouldn’t be fixed before May at the earliest.

  2. Having stayed at all of the Hilton properties around JFK for 3 months for work, the Hilton Garden Inn is actually the best bang for your buck in terms of clean facilities/rooms and breakfast quality (assuming you have Gold or Diamond status so you don’t have to pay $18 for the buffet). The Doubletree will upgrade you to a Jr. Suite if you have the status and there’s availability.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Justin. Unfortunately it looks like the Hampton Inn is about $40 cheaper than the Doubletree and nearly $100 cheaper than the Hilton Garden Inn. Our flight is at 7AM and it’s a breakfast flight, so I’m not too concerned about the breakfast quality (although it’s good to know for future reference). Is the JFK Hampton pretty bad?

  4. The Hampton is not bad for the area in my experience, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s saying all that much. That being said, it’s much closer to the airport than the LI City Holiday Inn and has an airport shuttle (though the Holiday Inn might as well) and if you’re not getting the suite at the Holiday Inn, I’d go with the Hampton.

  5. The SeaTac Holiday Inn, a week or so back, had a big display by the elevators with a wedding cake and a huge promo about hosting weddings there.

    This wasn’t just a line on a website, this was can’t-miss space in the lobby.

    And the Holiday Inn is in a bit dodgier spot than some of the other SeaTAc airport properties, my father-in-law even had his car broken into during a Park ‘n Fly stay a couple years back.

    Just what every girl dreams of!

  6. I noticed that as well, Gary, now that I think about it! I was there for a five hour overnight layover, but I remember it by the elevators.

    By the way, I’m leaning towards the Holiday Inn Express JFK right now. It’s cheaper than all the other options at $90, and actually looks half decent.

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