Why Hyatt’s “Big Welcome Back” promotion is ridiculously awesome

As I just blogged about, it looks like we know what Hyatt’s “Big Welcome Back” promotion will look like. The most exciting part is one free night for every two stays. And while they offer that almost every year through their fourth quarter promotion, the redemption period doesn’t work nearly as well for me then as it does now. Here you can use your free nights during peak summer periods.

So let’s do the basic math. My plan is to stay at a local Hyatt hotel which is under $100 per night all-in. Using Costco gift cards I bring the total cost down to $80 per stay. That means every two stays cost me $160. As luck would have it, my local Hyatt has a “G3” bonus, which nets me an additional 1,500 points per stay. And as a Hyatt Diamond I get 1,000 points per stay as my welcome amenity. And then I earn around 500 points per stay as my base points.

Add it all up and I’m looking at one free night at any Hyatt hotel in the world and 6,000 points for every $160 in stays. One free night at a top Hyatt hotel costs 18,000 points, so that’s a third of a way to yet another free night. If we want to make the math really easy, $480 in stays (six stays) nets me four free nights at any Hyatt. That’s $120 per night!

You can expect that my summer travel plans now include the Park Hyatt Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires.

I’m pumped!

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  1. can’t wait…have you been to the park hyatt in shanghai? if you ever get the chance to check it out you should. the tallest hotel in the world and almost too cool in a japanese mininalist chic way.

    appreciate the costco tip as well. not sure if mine offers them but i am going to check this weekend.

  2. Ben,

    A couple of finer points:

    1) A $99 stay at Hyatt (before the gift certificates) would cost you $50 x .8 + $49 = $89 (after the gift certificates) since you must use the gift certificates in $50 increments. Interestingly, a $100 stay would cost you $100 x .8 = $80. Maybe you can add a tip to your bill. 

    2) Instead of the 500 base points and the 1,500 point G3 bonus you can earn 500 base UA miles and 2,500 bonus UA miles. Regardless of where you choose to credit your stay, you get the same welcome amenity (1,000 Hyatt points for Hyatt or 500 Hyatt points for Hyatt Place). With all the free nights you’ll be earning, wouldn’t you rather have the miles? Besides, aren’t 3,000 UA miles worth more than 2,000 Hyatt points?

    You probably already knew all of this, but, in any event, this is an AWESOME deal!

  3. Unless I am mistaken, instead of $540 in stays (six stays), shouldn’t it be $480 in stays (six stays), based on your simple math? 🙂

  4. I am not surprised. I think they are close in value, which one is better will depend on your personal preference.

  5. Last year, they offered 5000 miles per stay for United 1K elites, and in addition, you also get 2500 miles for every 2 stays. In that case, there is no doubt that miles are better than points.

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