Why cheap booze and noise canceling headsets can be a bad combination….

As if there wasn’t enough drama during the boarding process of UA49 yesterday, there was also a funny situation as we began our approach into LA. They were showing “My Name is Earl” on the TV screens, and all of a sudden the guy in 2C yells (and I mean yells, like at the top of his lungs) “Damn, that’s one tall mother f%$*&^!,” I assume in response to something in the show. Everyone in first turned their heads (except for the guy that yelled it, who was totally oblivious) and the FA popped her head out of the galley to make the “shush” symbol. The three other FA’s came running to the front galley as well, so I’m betting they heard it as far back as the rear galley.

The funniest part was that this guy dressed and looked like the most conservative businessman you could imagine.

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