Which Lufthansa flight am I on?

Woohoo! I’m in Lufthansa first class right now, and for the first time the FlyNet Wi-Fi actually works. I’ve probably been on a handful of Lufthansa flights equipped with FlyNet, but on all the flights the Wi-Fi was not working, for whatever reason. And today it does, which is great, since I don’t think I can handle another flight with Lufthansa’s horrible entertainment selection.

Can anyone guess the route (the above picture was taken just a few minutes ago)?

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  1. I was going to say MUC-YVR as it looks so much like the flight I was on and my flight had Flynet that worked very well the whole way.

    I think Flynet is great. I sure wish more airlines had satellite wifi. It really adds to the flight experience.

  2. It’s definitely a flight to the west coast, judging from the destination time on the screen and the direction of the aircraft (sun is on the left). The time to destination plus the local time puts the arrival at 6:42PM.

    Unfortunately, the cloud makes it almost impossible to read the altitude, but it looks like 31000 feet. That number is too perfect for an altitude during climb but FlightAware doesn’t show any likely candidates cruising at 31000 feet.

    Extrapolating from that, LH452 (MUC-LAX) is the most likely flight.

  3. Wait a minute, one more thing—it’s extremely likely to be out of MUC since you just posted about your flight to MUC.

  4. It is a 340 with new F – so it should be a flight from/to MUC. Time to Destination is 11:05 and ‘the bottle’ is already out. Total flying time is at least 12 hour which eliminates the east coast flights and YYR.
    Since arrival time is 18:30 and it is daylight this eliminates the asia flights.
    It could be MUC-SFO, but since the flight time typically is significantly below 12 hours my bet is MUC-LAX.

  5. The Time at Destination was 7.37 2 hours ago, so I think that is ~10 AM now.
    That makes it DEN I think, assuming Lucky was blogging and uploading in real time with wifi on the plane

  6. MUC-SFO! You’re on an airbus which means flights from MUC have the new first class cabin.

  7. This looks like the interior of an A340-600. Either LH452 ot LH458. I’ll go with LH452 because of the arrival time

  8. You are right, not DEN
    This is not a 747; either up in the old type or down in the new type.

  9. Or Munich to San Francisco on an Airbus A340-600. I can tell by the interior that it is definitely an A340-600. It’s going to either SFO or LAX, I just know it.

  10. Can’t be anything out of FRA since their A340, A330 are all with the old F seats. That leaves us to only MUC departure. MUC-YVR is definitely shorter than 11 hours. If you are going to N American there are only 2 choices now.. either MUC-SFO or MUC-LAX. If you go to Asia, even NRT flight could be shorter than 11 hours east bound, maybe MUC-HKG. From these 3 choices I would go with MUC-SFO.

  11. You really can’t tell the difference between an A333 an A346 from that view in 2D, but it is likely an A346. You’re in new F and heading from MUC (no arrivals at MUC from long distance between 6 – 7pm) and at 31k so you have been in the air for at least a half hour and are scheduled for slightly early arrival at SFO(LH458) or LAX (LH452).

  12. I agree with Stefan. MUC to either SFO or LAX with an estimated early arrival. They usually fly an A346 on those routes. I would say you’ve been airborne for less than an hour given that the red roses are not in their place yet:)

  13. LH452 perhaps? Wife and I were on this flight the day before (but in biz class) and wifi was working.
    BTW, I purchased some boxed little brats from duty free at the MUC airport and CBP confiscated them. At first they claimed I couldn’t bring them in as they said ‘no beef products allowed’. I educated them by showing that the ingredients only list pork. Then it was simply ‘no meat’ allowed. WTF? Is this retaliation against Germany for their anti GMO stance? End rant.

  14. SAN Greg, meat has never been allowed – this is a decades-old rule. In the 1980s, customs even had dogs sniffing at luggage from flights from Germany looking for… drugs? No – sausage!

    I think canned meat is allowed, but not fresh. I’m not sure about cooked, smoked, dried or otherwise cured meat.

  15. Oh, for clarification – these were pre-cooked vacuum sealed mini brats (basically hot dogs that needed no refrigeration). Even professionally duty free sealed in a ‘seal not to be broken’ bag…

  16. Pre-cooked vacuum sealed meat apparently doesn’t make the cut. Canned only is allowed (although what, exactly, they are so afraid of, I don’t know):


    “Meat, milk, egg, poultry, and their products, including products made with these materials, such as dried soup mix or bouillon, are either prohibited or restricted from entering the United States, depending on the types of animal diseases which occur in the country of origin. Fresh (chilled or frozen), dried, cured, and fully cooked meat is generally prohibited from most countries. Canned meat is allowed entry, except beef, veal, lamb, mutton, venison, elk, bison, etc., from countries affected by bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).”

    “Pork should be commercially canned and labeled in unopened containers. Pork and pork products are not admissible from Mexico, except for cooked pork in small amounts for a meal.”

  17. Yup – the meat rules are silly IMHO. The ironic thing is I think the EU is more protective of food purity than the US.

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