What is this? A mileage program actually making…. improvements?

Apparently Air Canada’s Aeroplan program will be making four positive changes on December 8. While it’s not fully published/public information, it seems to be accurate nonetheless. The changes mostly involve additional stopovers being allowed, but there’s one particularly cool change: it’ll be possible to make an award from North America to Asia a round the world trip, flying via the Atlantic on the outbound and the Pacific on the return, or vice versa. Considering their redemption levels are reasonable and their taxes are very low on multi-partner awards, this will make Aeroplan an even more attractive program to transfer AMEX Membership Rewards points to. Full details can be found in this thread.

Here’s to hoping there are no strings attached, or “enhancements” right around the corner….

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  1. Waiting to see how the fuel surcharges are, internationally they are still out of ordinary.

  2. Monty, you obviously know a lot more about AC than I do, but isn’t AC somehow not able to calculate fuel surcharges on multi-partner awards? I know a friend of Gary’s (View from the Wing) recently booked an F award to Asia on several Star carriers through AC, and paid a grand total of $88.

  3. Lucky, thanks for the tip re: Amex Point Transfer. Hopefully this would be way better than paying the NH’s super high surcharge! 🙂

  4. Lucky,

    I have a question. Is it possible to book AC using united miles? if so, how much miles would it cost me, would they count the miles for the plane ride as a 2 cabin or 3 cabin if I booked First on AC.

    great blog!


  5. Yes Adam, you can redeem United miles for travel on Air Canada. Their Executive First product prices out as a business class, so two cabin price.

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