What’s better than a great flight crew? The same great crew two flights in a row!

After finding some Lufthansa Airbus 380 first class award space to Tokyo over the holidays, I couldn’t help but take a quick trip to one of my favorite cities. Unfortunately availability dictated that I would only have two full days in Tokyo, though I was fine with that.

While I’ll talk a bit about what I did in Tokyo in a future post, there’s one thing that made an already amazing Airbus 380 flight even better – I had the same (beyond) top notch crew in both directions. I guess that’s one of the benefits of staying at a destination for as long as the crew does.

While I’ve had the same crews when doing a direct turnaround flight or will often run into a flight attendant again after a few months, I’ve never had exactly the same crew a couple of days apart after being at my destination for as long as them.

But seriously, this crew wasn’t just great, but *spectacular*.

One of the flight attendants working first class was actually a flight attendant trainer and rarely actually flies, though was doing one of his two monthly trips. It’s clear the future of Lufthansa is in good hands if this guy is training the new hires. Then also working first class was a Japanese flight attendant (who didn’t speak German), who was working first class for the first time ever. She was so friendly and her smile was contagious. I wanted to tell her what a contagious smile she had, but figured she might misunderstand me and instead put on one of those surgical masks that many Japanese people seem to wear when flying.

The funniest part must have been when we boarded the return flight. The purser immediately welcomed me and said “it’s a pleasure to see you again, Mr. Lucky.” The look from the passenger seated across from me (who was a HON Circle member) was priceless, since he had no clue how I knew the crew so well.

And one last example of how great the crew was. The flight out was so empty that I couldn’t help but mention to the purser “you must love having flights this empty.” She responded with “are you kidding? We make no money this way.” Now that’s an employee taking an interest in their company, as opposed to the typical “I just work here” attitude on many other airlines.

Anyway, just another reason Lufthansa is probably my favorite airline out there. The flight attendants are consistently attentive, personable, and professional, without being overbearing in any one area.

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  1. When I did my first MR ($915 for 39,206 EQMS), we flew into Singapore with one crew, were there for a full day and flew back the next morning with the same crew. One of F/As recognized us and came up to us and asked why we were there for such a short time.

  2. Btw, smiles are usually described idiomatically as “infection,” not “contagious.” Either one might make her reach for the face mask though 🙂

  3. Just curious, how is it that you have enough miles for all these trips? I realize some folks have a nice stash of miles but at the burn rate it doesn’t seem sustainable.

  4. Thats awesome, I had that once on a US Airways flight, I was nonrevving at the time and the FA’s recognized us and asked what we were doing haha. I need to get on Lufthansa!

  5. I was wondering the same about your Park Hyatt award stays. Curious to know how you accumulated the stash of miles and hyatt points 🙂

  6. @ James — Grrrr, jetlag is getting the best of me.

    @ HikerT — In this instance I actually used US Airways miles that I had purchased. So the 120,000 miles cost me $1,800, enough for this trip. That being said, I have more than enough points just through credit card sign-up bonuses and flying frequently alone, so there’s not all that much more to it.

  7. I think the HON might actually think he has a clue – you being Friends and Family of the crew, not some uberHON.

  8. I once flew seven PVD-PHL roundtrips over two weekend days to reach CP w/ USAirways. USAir was matching a $24 SWA o/w fare. That was when cheap segments were your friend. The same flight attendant was working FC. It wasn’t until the 4th flight that the FA realized she had seen me before. In her defense the flight lasted 45 min or so, but still.

  9. When the FA said “we make no money” it could mean either for the company or the FA’s themselves since they get a % of the inflight duty free purchases and if the flight is empty, the expected purchases go down.

  10. I did ORD – Helsinki over July 4 on AA. 30 hours on the ground (great Hilton) Same crew. Lots of Fun. I brought red white & blue flowers for both front & back crews for flt home on the 4th

  11. @ Lack — In first class? I highly doubt it. Lufthansa has very little tolerance for such shenanigans, in my experience.

    @ Avi — From further conversation with her it was clear to me that she meant Lufthansa was making no money on the flight, and that’s what she didn’t like.

  12. Is LH making 1st award space available system wide on their 380s? To all *A carriers?

    US airways only charges 120000 miles USA to FRA to NRT rt? What does UA charge?

  13. I was in 1A on this flight on NYE. Sorry I didn’t get round to coming over to say hello. You don’t know me but we have mutual friends on FB and in real life. I’d seen your photo and wondered if it was you but wasn’t 100% sure.

    Yes, the crew was great but I had an equally great or arguably even better crew on the flight out before Christmas. I like flying LH for the same reason that you’ve listed.

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