Well, this sure is a unique way to protest…

Reader GoAmtrak posted a link to this a while back, and I just thought this would be a good time to share. Hotel unions have been quite active lately (there have been many “protests” lately, especially at San Francisco hotels), and at least you’ve gotta give this group some credit for protesting in a creative way…


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  1. another unions story, these people need to grow up! they always wanting,greedy and be lazy on the job just like the AFA.


  2. What an inspiration. I think this is great and will definitely be supporting the worker boycott on my upcoming trip to SF.

    Thanks for posting this. Not all your readers are union haters.

  3. This video was especially funny as I used to work at the Westin St. Francis a few years ago and regularly saw the give and take between the unions and management.

  4. The unions at the Westin here in Providence, RI have protetesting for a while that people are losing their jobs due to the economic slowdown at the hotel.

    They have caused the hotel a lot of polical related business as no one wants to cross the picket lines of the protestors (which means less revenue for the hotel and will cause more people to lose their jobs so in the end no one wins with the protest)

  5. @Kevin T Which is exactly why I don’t care for Unions. They just don’t get it. In the end any boycott or strike will only hurt the Union members. So I will continue to support both the business and the workers and cross any picket line that may be in the way.

  6. I doubt even half of the people in this video are employees of this particular hotel. I’d be a number of them are just along for the show.

    Also, I can’t understand the plain outright stupidity demonstrated by these union associated people. Their logic goes, they’re making less money than they’d like and the economy is in horrible shape, so they assume disrupting the hotel and causing a scene is going to help their cause. They fail to comprehend that by doing these antics they only drive away guests and cause people to have greater animosity towards them.

    Personally, I would hope that this property promptly terminates all relations with this union and makes these employees involved quit so they are ineligible for unemployment. Furthermore, I think criminal charges should be filed for trespassing against all involved and some jail time is given.

  7. I doubt these union shakedown artists were issued a permit by the city to storm the interior of a privately owned building and disrupt business with tuba playing. Evidently nobody made a citizens arrest, but maybe we can try to identify the perpetrators and get the district attorney to charge them with disturbing the peace so that they will at least get fined and have criminal records.

    For those of us who don’t know the perpetrators, we can try to shift our business to this hotel and others that are standing up to this union. Maybe we could try to get their “boycott” list and try to stay at those hotels more often.

  8. No unions = no child labor laws, no overtime pay, no health care, no workplace safety standards, no etc. etc. etc.

    A simple “thank you” is really all that’s appropriate here… šŸ˜‰

  9. @Uniter They have outlived their usefulness and now are just as corrupt and bloated as the companies they are fighting. My Company is non-union and treats me better than my unionized counterparts at our direct competitor. And we have more customers, more revenue, and a happier work environment. Yet the unions still try to tell us how bad we have it.. They are a bunch of morons.

  10. Thanks for remembering this, lucky! I personally question the effectiveness of protests like this (it was by a solidarity group and not the union, whose actual members would have a greater claim to legitimacy to make a scene in the hotel lobby). The antics are funny but also a bit uncomfortable to watch given the dynamics at hand.

    Ultimately, unions are still useful in certain industries and workplaces, i.e., ones with safety issues or a long history of abuses by management. Coal mining is the epitome of a modern-day field that’s still dismal for workers and would be even worse without union representation. I don’t think it’s helpful to summarily dismiss organized labor out of hand, or to call it a panacea by any means. Fair enough?

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