Well, that makes for a special flight on Southwest…

A friend (around my age, a bit older) recently flew an afternoon transcon on Southwest, and shared a rather, erm, interesting story with me.

I was flying Southwest back home and around ¾ of the way through the flight went to use the lavatory. As I got to the back of the plane the flight attendant was standing in the rear galley, talking to another guy around my age. The situation got my attention when I noticed she was lotioning his hands with Gold Bond lotion….when I got back there – mind you, I was dressed in business clothes! – she rubbed my hands and asked if they were soft. Then she runs her hand down towards my crotch and asks if something else is soft. I was speechless! I hadn’t seen her the whole flight, it was obvious she was certainly under the influence.

Unbelievable, eh?

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  1. Gives new meaning to customer service…

    No wonder Southwest scores so high in customer satisfaction surveys…

    I wonder if this service is included in Southwest’s no fee policy?

    Is this available with the “wanna get away?” fares, or do you need to purchase at least business select?

    Who knew that “on the flight attendant’s hands” was a seating option in Southwest’s open seating?

    Glad to see that Southwest is finally introducing in-flight entertainment…

    The rapping flight attendant has nothing in this girl.

    DING! You are now free to move about my pants.

  2. That’s it – I can’t read this blog any more. I was able to put up with Lucky’s fourth-grade writing skills, but this is too much. The Lucky/Josh sexual tension is really creeping me out – and now, Lucky’s reporting of bizarre and mostly apocryphal encounters on Southwest.

    Remember when this was a blog about miles and points, and not some bizarre expose about Lucky’s fantasies (compounded by the fact he had the most uncool college career, ever!)

    Still, though, it’s not as creepy as Gary Leff’s laviator photo. Yecccch!


  3. And, AJ is an equally creepy poster on this blog – between his pretentious reports in other languages and his sycophantic rantings – what a mess One Mile at a Time has become.

  4. I find it revealing that faux homoerotic tension, “pretentious posts” and “sycophantic rantings” are enough to drive you away from this blog, Robb. Though it shouldn’t shock me since your contribution evinces a shocking lack of self-awareness and general inability to apply the standard to which you hold others to yourself!

    Also, what’s “creepy” about multilingualism? The majority of students at my u/g university (LSE) were trilingual at the very least. Is it a “creepy” university? When you travel, do you interact with people on your own terms, in English, or on theirs? Because myopia and a lack of meaningful engagement with local culture seems to be recurring criticisms on this blog of lucky’s travel habits; while we don’t know if he’s guilty of that (as that’s not what he made this blog for), you by contrast seem pretty intolerant of other people, other beliefs, other sexualities, other languages, and other ways of life.

  5. If you just read the comments alone, you wouldn’t have thought this is a travel related blog 🙂

    How did the FA get away from this? And how did your friend react? Did he just walk away?

  6. LUV is in the air. 🙂

    In over 1000 flights on Southwest, the only event that I’ve seen anywhere near this is a FA hitting on a passenger for 15 minutes or so. She eventually got his phone number.

    At the destination I watched as he met his significant other, an absolute 10. The FA’s valiant effort had been wasted.

    I’ve always believed that people who enjoy having many, many one-night stands are attracted to the job of flight attendant. By no means the majority of them, but a much larger percentage than in the general public.

  7. Gold Bond is not allowed on flights. There is an ingredient in it that is the same as in explosives. Set off detectors before you board the plane. This story can not be true.

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