Weird Sign To See Posted At A Hotel Breakfast Buffet

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That is all.

  1. So the one guy is feeling out the other guy’s package, yes?
    Hmmmm… I’ve seen that before on an Atlantis cruise.

  2. @ Lucky

    Brussels is among the cities with the highest crime rates in Europe, especially petty crime like pickpocketing! I did an internship with the Brussels Police.

  3. You know it would seem that way but brussels is way dodgier than say some german cities or even Paris at some spots, I’ve been once and I thought there were more dodgy people roaming the train stations etc as compared to say Paris or Germany.

  4. Never say never, but I’ve never had a problem, even when looking like an obvious foreigner. My practice is to carry only the minimum necessary for the day’s activities , keep it out of sight (two money/document belts) and avoid tight crowds. There are other tricks. The most important is simply to always be aware of those around you. .

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