Video: James Corden Works At Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

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James Corden of “The Late Late Show” does a segment called “Take A Break,” where he basically “works” somewhere for a short period of time. He does this at all kinds of businesses, though this week a segment aired that might interest some of you.

James worked at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Heathrow, which is one of my favorite business class lounges in the world. In this roughly nine minute clip he works at reception, at the bar, and also in the salon.

Okay, I have to admit, I don’t think James Corden is the funniest guy in the world, and I have a fairly low standard when it comes to humor. But I still found this amusing, since it’s not often you see a “mainstream” comedian participate in an aspect of the airline industry quite like this.

Here’s the clip:

This video is a great ad for Virgin Atlantic, showcasing the design and also features of their lounge. It’s not every day you have a hair salon in a lounge, so it’s cool they were able to show that off in this segment.

What did you guys think of this clip — hilarious, mildly funny, or boring?

  1. Isn’t it enough that the Youtube trending tab keeps on recommending MSM late-night hosts?
    Seriously, who even watches these people?

  2. It was funny loved that it was not left sided political like the usual US late nite left guys!!

  3. Branson is a business genius and this is another way it shows. He deserves the success of his brand 100%.

  4. Iā€™ve often wondered that in a country of 330 million people why we have to import ā€œtalentā€ to do our late night shows.

    His schtick seems to be that of late-80ā€™s heyday Letterman with a bit more physicality employed through his sloppy obese frame.

    I suppose if youā€™ve not seen the original then this might seem clever to you.

  5. We were there that day (May 25th). Everyone entering that day had to sign a waiver or they couldnā€™t enter and some of the Clubhouse was blocked off for the use of his crew. Luckily, we stayed out of camera view during the shoot.

  6. The state liquor control commission want to have a word with him. Someone is going to get in trouble. First, you cant serve alcohol without a license. And there was proof that he been drinking and serving.

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