Virgin Atlantic Eliminates Haircuts At JFK Clubhouse

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Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouses are some of my favorite business class lounges out there, especially the lounges at London Heathrow and New York JFK.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse London Heathrow

In addition to a fun atmosphere, nice decor, and a la carte dining, the lounges also have spas, where eligible passengers can receive a variety of complimentary treatments (or they can elect to pay extra for longer services).

In my opinion Virgin Atlantic has the best complimentary spa treatments of any business class lounges:

  • It’s not too tough to get availability for an appointment, so you don’t typically need to show up hours and hours early to get a treatment
  • They offer a nice variety of services, including facials, massages, and more

Hands down my favorite treatment to get has been a haircut. Both the Clubhouses in London and New York have featured hair salons, so getting a quick cut before a flight is a nice feature.

Besides, where else can you get a haircut while sipping on a glass of champagne and looking out over the runway?

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse New York JFK hair salon

Well, unfortunately it looks like the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK has eliminated haircuts. They say that they’re doing this so that they can offer more spa services, so I’m not sure if that space has been repurposed for something else, or what.

You can find the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK’s updated spa menu here. As you can see, the complimentary options now include:

  • 15 minute express facial
  • 15 minute hand treatment
  • 15 minute scalp and foot massage
  • 15 minute head massage

For what it’s worth, the Heathrow Clubhouse continues to offer a variety of hair services, and you can find the spa menu for that lounge here.

This is a fairly minor change, no doubt, though I know a lot of people enjoyed getting hair cuts here, so I figured it was worth an update.

This is certainly more minor than when Virgin Atlantic eliminated inflight massages just over a decade ago.

Have you ever had the chance to get your hair cut at a Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse?

(Tip of the hat to James)

  1. You just let a random person cut your hair? I guess a quick neck trim is a nice service yet I doubt this will be missed

  2. Great article. I agree that my coolest lounge experience was getting my hair cut while watching planes land on the runway. My wife and daughter enjoyed their spa treatments in the lounge as well. It’s disappointing that such a unique experience is going away.

  3. I’m with Robert Fahr – if you were getting your hair cut at an airport it’s high time you stopped.

  4. @mike it used to be complimentary but starting last spring they started charging.
    It is sad that this service is not available anymore. Will miss it for sure.
    @Robert not really random if you’re a regular VS flyer out of JFK.

  5. @JB
    Yes, in-flight massages.

    They were awful. The treatment chair was plonked in the middle of the upper cabin on a 747. You’d sit there surrounded by other bored passengers staring at you. Utterly excruciating. I did it once, on my 1st trip with them, and never again.

  6. When I did the in-flight massages a couple of times, they were in a separate part on the side of one of the galley’s. I loved them, so sad to see them go a few years back.

    And, yep, I do the haircut. Virgin couldn’t afford for the people doing it to be anything less than great – i.e. annoying the heck out of your most valuable customers is not a winning proposition. They are great to use for a quick trim and tidy up.

  7. I’ve gotten two of my best haircuts EVER from Jon at the LHR Clubhouse — it’s my favorite part of the Clubhouse experience 🙂 Hope they never close that salon!

  8. I always thought it was a strange service to offer.

    Who goes on holiday or on a business trip without getting a hair cut the day of two before? And what if there was no availability on the day?

  9. Meh. The haircut I got there was mediocre. The $14 haircut (tips included) at my local barbershop is better.

  10. “You just let a random person cut your hair?” as opposed to whom?

    The woman with a name (not stated here) who has, exclusively, cut my hair for the last six years. Does that sound random to you?

  11. I hear you. If you were able to align your VS travel schedule perfectly with your hair care needs, this must have been a benefit to you. I indeed arrange my air travel to get a haircut in a city where I do not reside. Just not in an airport lounge. Perhaps I underestimated the regularity of the stylist’s schedule at JFK VS lounge. Mea culpa to those who took offense.

  12. I got a haircut in LHR a couple years ago. It was a cool experience and saved me the time of booking a haircut on a non-travel day so definitely a time save. I was initially not so happy about my 6+ hour layover on a JNB-LHR-BOS ticket but I made the most of it. 😉

  13. I got a very nice haircut there some years back. And, indeed, the experience of getting a trim while I sipped champers was certainly unique. Too bad it’s gone!

  14. I can see why they’ve got rid of it at JFK because presumably most biz passengers would want to get their as late as possible, have something quick to eat at the lounge and sleep the whole flight- compared to flights departing LHR where they are daytime flights so most passengers will have time to kill etc.

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