Video Of A Southwest Plane Being Hit By A Drone… NOT!

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Or so some people seem to think. About a dozen people have emailed/texted/messaged me in the past couple of hours, after someone posted a video on LiveLeak of their Southwest 737 supposedly being hit by a drone:

The text with the video reads as follows:

A drone just hit my plane this morning 
Some idiot’s drone crossed our take-off path.
I’m still alive!

Understandably a lot of people are already asking what the government will do to prevent this in the future. There’s only one problem… the video isn’t real.

See the wingtip of the plane? If it were a Southwest plane, it would say “SOUTHWEST.COM” on the very end of it.

Instead you’ll see that the wingtip says “BRANIT.COM,” which is the website of someone who does visual effects.

So an excellent fake, though I’m happy to say that this didn’t happen.

  1. I wonder how many people thought this was actually real? Who noticed it was a fake besides lucky?

    Also, lucky, what do you think of this mileage run, for a first-try?
    Hard to beat $300 tickets… besides $400 business class, (chicago-china, wasnt it?)

  2. Simply by changing my flights to JFK-YYZ-EWR, I saved me a couple of bucks, $276 roundtrip, taxes and fees.

    only problem is, you dont get as many miles. Would you pay $30 or so to fly an hour or so longer, with a 5hr layover, to earn more miles?

  3. Even if the url wasn’t on the winglet it just looks fake. You can tell is was done on a computer.
    All the goofy black pixles that don’t belong is probably the first thing you should question.
    Anyone believed it they probably believed 80’s special effects were real too!

  4. Looks like a comment got swallowed up by the internet!
    So here is 846 JFK-YYZ-EWR-DFW-SFO-JFK for $846, no taxes or anything and here is JFK-YYZ-EWR for $276. Would you pay $30 more lucky to get more miles?

  5. JMR – I believe you have the wrong post. This is about a fake video showing a drone hitting a Southwest Airplane. Not sure what’s up with your computer…

  6. Even though the video is fake but I must say the government is extremely stupid to let the public use it, all the drones should be banned for personal or business use, do you not think terrorists can use this? How easy to use one small drone to carry explosive device or use more drones will have much bigger damage. I have seen people playing it in the public and some of them are very fast and powerful.

  7. @Jose Terrorists can (and have) loaded vehicles with explosives and detonated them in public areas too. Does this mean the government should ban all cars?

  8. @Jose – Do you really think the government’s banning of something will make it magically disappear? The government could save us all if only they banned drugs and crime! Oh, wait…

  9. Why are people so stupid as to not immediately see it is fake and to not even consider that if this was real it would have been all over the news with the current ‘drone’ hysteria. an FAA administrator testified before congress last week that not a single aircraft has had to take evasive maneuvers regarding a ‘drone’.

    So those dozen+ people to forward the video are pretty dumb.

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