Valentine’s Day Mileage Deals

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For the past few weeks I’ve been getting ambushed with emails, tweets, banner ads, and flyers reminding me that “VALENTINES DAY IS FRIDAY!!” and I should “SEND FLOWERS!!!

Just look at a search of “Valentine’s Day” in my inbox:


Now, I think I’ve sent flowers maybe four times in my life (all of which were to my mother, I think), so clearly I’m depressingly single not the target customer here, but for those of you who are looking to have flowers delivered for Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d run through which of these offers might actually be worthwhile.

From the outset, it’s worth noting the pricing and quality of flowers will nearly always be better locally. So in most cases you’re going to be better off going to your local flower shop, or even your nearest supermarket.

If you go the supermarket route, don’t forget to use one of these to maximize the points on your purchase!

Credit Cards for Supermarket Spend

If your Valentine isn’t local, there are some decent offers from internet florists as well.

As Gary mentioned a few weeks ago, has several offers that will give you bonus miles:

It is worth noting that the prices seem to be a bit higher when going through one of the mileage-earning links, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for that. All of the above links give you the mileage bonus by applying a coupon code for Valentines Day flowers, which means you can’t “stack” coupons with bonus miles.

However, if you have access to the Shop With Chase portal through your Ultimate Rewards card, you can use a coupon code in addition to earning Ultimate Rewards points.

Earn Ultimate Rewards Points


Alternatively, is now offering fresh flowers, and they ship for free using Amazon Prime.


This is an even better deal for those who took advantage of the Amex Sync offers in December, as this would be a great way to use some of those gift cards.

If you don’t have Amazon credit burning a hole in your pocket, you could always pick up some gift cards at your local supermarket to get those bonus points.


Again, I’m not an expert, but the prices seem competitive, and avoiding the hefty shipping surcharges that most online florists charge is a huge win.

Anyways, I hope that helps those of you who haven’t ordered Valentine’s gifts yet. None of these are exceptionally great prices for flowers, or amazing values for procuring miles, but if you’re going to be ordering flowers anyway it makes sense to get the best deal you can!

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  1. I’ve tried online ordering of flowers for few years now. However, every time it didn’t live up to the expectation. Unless you spend close to 100 dollars for roses, you are much better off getting something from the local market for half the price.

    I’ll be skipping online ordering of roses this year even if its a “great” mileage earner.

  2. Usually buy flowers locally as well (still, pretty expensive) but used an online store to get flowers & a gift for my mother when she happened to be in Russia on her birthday last year. Was expensive but she loved it, so it was well worth it 😀

    However, I didn’t use an FTD or one of the huge companies like that and flowers came from a top-quality local florist.

  3. I don’t order flowers often, but my understanding is that FTD and 1-800-Flowers typically fulfill their orders through networks of local florists anyway. They are basically just GDSes for flowers. So you might pay a bit of a markup for the service, but chances are much of your money is going to a local business either way (and the freshness should be about equivalent).

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