Upgrades on Continental for United elites start on September 13… sort of

According to this FlyerTalk thread (and confirmed by a few reliable sources), Continental will start offering reciprocal upgrades for United elites starting September 13, but only day of departure at the airport and upon request. In other words, don’t expect any upgrades in practice. I haven’t heard anything about upgrades for Continental elites on United, though.

Let’s hope full upgrade reciprocity starts soon!

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  1. So much for “Mergers of Equals”

    More and more, it is becoming obvious that UA bought CO and decided to keep CO livery.

    The only really good news is the UA management change.

    As CO Gold, the negatives so far are: had to buy UA club (previously used Amex Plat at CO clubs) and will now have to deal with starnet blocking.

    reciprocal upgrades are only a theory to Gold anyway as Gold upgrades are always a surprise, never an expectation.

    I suppose there is one positive, free E+, assuming they keep it and retrofit the CO metal.

  2. Yes. As long as your MP # is in, you get the 500 minimum. I fly CO from AUS-IAH and get 500 miles on those flights.

  3. Just flew on a B fare last night as a UA 1P, and the computer system refused to add me to the standby list for an upgrade

  4. Flew HOU-CCS on CO as UA1K on 15 Sept, was informed by presidents club lounge agent upgrades would be automatic effective November 17th. She informed me all internal stations had received this memoranda on how to upgrade United Elite members. Called reservations for my 21 Sept flight tomorrow, they said they “new nothing” about this. If United frequent fliers want even as much as a bulkhead seat in economy, they still have to pay for it. This is going to be a bumpy merger with major miscommunication and misinformation. CO elites get great space in UA economy plus. We even 1Ks get nothing back from CO , not even a bulkhead seat, much less an upgrade. Bad business…Bain and company doing their merger is brigher than this, but obviously asleep at the wheel. No more CO for me

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