Unlimited domestic upgrades come to United on March 19!

Well, the date is now official. United will be offering all elites unlimited domestic upgrades starting March 19. For some reason I didn’t expect it to be so soon. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how this all works out. I’m feeling a bit more optimistic about the new program than I originally was, especially since 1Ks will continue to earn confirmed regional upgrades.

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  1. Not sure how good this is for us little further down the food chain (premier execs and premiers) will probably never get any upgrades especially when based out of busy airports like SFO…sigh

  2. I feel the same way … downgraded to Premier this year and living near IAD. Figure I got a shot a smaller markets if I travel to say MSY or TPA.

    The automatic upgrade for a companion makes it even worse for us 2Ps…

  3. Perhaps this is another example of UA and CO moving closer together. CO has no limits on upgrades. Space available, usual rank order.

    Also, I’ve been miraculously lucky this year. CO Gold and nearly all flights on CO upgraded. (All domestic travel so far this year).

  4. At least CO doesn’t have GS like UA. At heavy GS airports like SFO/IAD/ORD 1Ks will get killed. At least we still have our CR1s.

  5. I think I will fare fine as a 1K at SFO but I think that 1P & 2Ps will suffer. I wrote an email to United telling them that they should compensate us for taking away our e500s and pay attention to how they are treating mid-tier loyal customers. If you are a 1P and you fly PS after mid-March a 3P can upgrade with e500s but you can’t… Is that cool with everyone?


    “Are the 500-Mile Upgrades in my account still valid?
    Mileage Plus® elite members – Global ServicesSM, 1K®, Premier Executive® and Premier® – may continue to use their 500-Mile Upgrade certificates until March 18, 2010. After that date, Unlimited Domestic Upgrades will be in effect, and 500-Mile Upgrade certificates will no longer be available for elite members’ use.

    General members and Premier Associate® members may continue to use their 500-Mile Upgrades as they do today, until their regular expiration dates (12 months from the date of issue).”

  6. @Pat-

    At least CO doesn’t have GS like UA.

    That’s no longer true with the advent of invitation-only Presidential Platinum. It’s not exactly the same as GS, but fairly close. Like UDU, this is one of many ways CO and UA will continue to align their policies until the programs look basically identical. In that vein, I eagerly await UA making SWUs valid on all published fares! 🙂

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