United’s Newest Global Safety Video

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Last year United unveiled their “Safety Is Global” safety video:

I found the concept to be creative, though felt like the execution was a bit abstract/outlandish.

Well, a bit over a year later, United has come out with their second “Safety Is Global” safety video, which is perhaps even more abstract:


I love that they include Rhapsody in Blue and also think the concept is really cute, though the fact that it’s over four minutes of nothing but abstract references is sort of annoying at some point, in my opinion.

As far as US airlines go, I still think Delta does the best job with their safety videos, which are funny but still airplane themed:


But globally Air New Zealand still wins, with their consistently amazing safety videos, which they refresh every three months:


What do you think of United’s new safety video? Which is your favorite?

  1. Maybe I’ve just become an old fuddy-duddy, but I absolutely hate these overly-cute, tongue-in-cheek safety videos. I actually prefer the quick, to-the-point ones. I feel the actual safety message gets lost in the obscure and poorly-executed references to pop culture. The airlines are trying way too hard to reach a demographic that just isn’t there and really doesn’t seem to care. Plus, for anyone who flies more than once, these videos are trite by the second viewing.

    Really, it makes me think of a dad trying to be hip or cool by listening to his kids’ music, and dressing like them, and using their slang. Like some sort of REALLY bad sitcom with an overzealous laugh track. Not to mention that all the actors/employees in these videos tend to be awful, delivering stilted and poorly-timed dialogue that’s already terrible and cliched to begin with.

    Look at all the truly successful airlines with top-notch hard and soft products, and none of them feel the need to be “edgy” or “fun” or “out there” with their safety videos, yet they deliver a superb and safe product day-in/day-out. I wish the US3 would spend time and effort on developing a product people enjoy flying instead of stupid, cheesy, poorly-thought-out safety videos that just provide more cannon fodder for why air travel is terribly in the United States.


  2. And while I’m on the topic of rants, that terrible United safety video also highlights how little commonality exists in their latest round of uniform “updates” for cabin crew.

    How hard is it, really, to get all your flight attendants – regardless of their varying shapes and sizes – to wear the same uniform? If you’re concerned about some of them looking more bovine-esque in one of the new uniforms, then maybe get a designer that knows how to work with larger people instead of insisting on 10+ permutations of an already heinous design that generally ends up making the flight attendants look like a sack of day-old donuts?

    I’m not saying they need to be super haute couture, but most US carriers seem to be fine with what amounts to little more than a nice tracksuit-parading-as-a-pant-suit.

  3. Lucky — this is unrelated, but… is the asklucky page broken? I just get a blank page when I click the link at the top.

  4. The United and NZ videos were too long. I love surfing but not when it interrupted by safety dialogue. Delta’s approach is funny and didn’t seem to take as long as NZ, but I appreciate humor so that may be why. Also, was I the only one who noticed that the music track in the NZ video was never being spoken over when the line “we don’t care about the old folks” was sung? Probably a coincidence but between the young surfers, and that line it seems like they only want young travelers flying with them.

  5. Yeah…. the US carrier’s videos are always painful, but the United video with ol’ Jeffey was painful. Just make a to the point video and let me get back to the movie I started before takeoff!

  6. This is yet another UA video that I will have to close my eyes through. I find this video and the previous one just too painful to watch. Again, the flight crew in this video do not speak clearly. They do not enunciate. They should have selected individuals with more energy and who speak clearly. Ditto on the previous comment about the mismatched uniforms. But then again, this is UA – they have no idea about perception.

  7. CEO. Of United
    Instead of investing so much time and money In to these silly videos serve some snacks on your planes. Even a bag of chips would be appreciated. Honestly I like AAs video the best. It the only short to the point and not so silly
    How r u gunna show someone where an aircraft door look like or is located when it’s being filmed on a beach

  8. @Mike – you really think the new CEO came in and said, “Hey, let’s make a new safety video and release it just a couple weeks into my tenure!” Don’t be daft. This has been in the works well before Munoz took over. Of all the complaints you could have made, this has to be one of the dumbest.

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