United tries to justify Starnet blocking….

Check out this pile of garbage. I could pick it apart point-by-point, but FlyerTalk’s gleff has already done so, which makes my life a lot easier.

It really is sad how out of touch and clueless United is, not to mention how stupid they must assume we are. I love how the justification of Starnet blocking starts with “Like any well-run business.” United lost over a billion dollars last quarter. What part of that reflects a “well-run business?”

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  1. I didn’t think it was too much to ask for if they removed the blocking for elites.

    What a steaming pile of poo. Sad really… luckily I haven’t been affected by blocking up until this point – though I’ve only ever booked 4 awards (3 intl, 1 dom).

  2. Honestly, I’ve had no use for United PR ever since he/she/it (say that fast!) showed up on FlyerTalk. Of the 33 posts they have on FT, very few of them contain any useful information.

    And no, I won’t vent this opinion on FT….

  3. Didn’t UA just hired the PR person of GM?

    GM has not been exactly doing great on the PR front over the past couple of years…..but it did get bail out money from Uncle Sam. Perhpas UA is hiring someone to do PR to get government bail out money.

  4. It appears that their PR department doesn’t have a clue about PR. Typical for the “well run business.”

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