Earn Shiploads Of United Miles Renting Cars From Hertz

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I don’t rent cars all that often, but when I do, I like do earn shiploads of miles. Like enough miles that the car rental ends up being practically free.

As crazy as it sounds, this is actually possible thanks to a partnership between United and Hertz and a promotion that they’ve been running for a while now. It’s actually so good — at least for high status United flyers — that I don’t know why it doesn’t get talked about more.

This offer has been slated to end several times in the past, but always seems to get a reprieve for a few more months. This time it was extended until May 31, 2017.

hertz united promotion

Earn United miles renting from Hertz

The United offer with Hertz started back in 2015 and has been running ever since.

united hertz offers
United offers for Hertz rental cars

The way it works is that you book your Hertz rental car via the United website and earn 1,500 United miles. Then, depending on your United status, you earn bonus miles according to the table below.

Through May 31, 2017, you can earn 1,500 bonus United miles for booking a Hertz rental car via the United website.

Award miles earned for each Hertz rental, in addition to the 1,500 mile booking bonus

As a United 1K, that means you can earn 2,750 miles for a one-day rental. And 2,500 miles for Silver or Gold members is nearly as good.

To earn the bonus, you need to book the car via the United website using the following codes:

  • CDP 62455
  • PC 305023

If you follow the banner links on the United website, these codes should be pre-populated.

hertz united promotion 4
The booking page for the Hertz offer on united.com

Interestingly, the car rental reservation shows up with your airline tickets in the My Reservations section of your united.com account.

Get Hertz status

But this isn’t just about earning lots and lots of miles. If you have United status, you can also apply for status in the Hertz Gold Rewards program. It’s not the greatest, but any status is better than nothing. Here’s how the tiers align:

  • United Premier Silver and Gold members get Hertz Five Star status
  • United Premier Platinum, 1K, and Global Service members get Hertz President’s Circle status

To enroll, you just need to visit the dedicated website. I received my matched status in about a week, which was just in time for my rental.

hertz united promotion 5
United-Hertz status match tiers

My experience

My preferred car rental company is National as I absolutely love choosing my vehicle from the executive aisle. I frequently get minivans or SUVs which are perfect for my family of five. But for short rentals, or when National has crappy rates, I’ll rent from Hertz to pick up the miles even if somebody has to ride with their knees to their chest.

I’ve rented cars in Dallas for about $35 / day, all-in. That gets me 2,750 miles, which is like buying miles at 1.3 cents each and getting a rental car for free!

Here’s how the miles posted from that trip.

hertz united promotion 6
United miles for renting from Hertz as a 1K

Bottom line

I’m not the biggest fan of Hertz as I don’t get that great of upgrades even as a Gold Circle member. But I do love earning lots of miles on short rentals.

If you have United status or even just the credit card, this is probably the best car rental deal out there. The miles you earn may be worth more than you paid for the car.

Have you taken advantage of this promotion?

  1. You should definitely mention that it must be an INTERMEDIATE or above car. That brings prices up, which sometimes nullifies the benefits of the miles

  2. can it be added to an existing booking by changing the CDP/PC code, without originally booking through United portal link?

  3. Actually if you make the reservation using your Chase United Explorer card (personal and business), you can earn 5,250 miles per rental for a maximum of 10,500 for the first two rental.

  4. Makes for staggeringly expensive rentals. My quote using a standard Hertz discount is about $170 for a week. With these codes it jumps to $803 for the same dates and car.

  5. I have earned over 300,000 miles from this promo. Since it started. I would never ever recommend hertz to anyone. Evey bad company and cars are OLD compared to national but the miles make it worth it. They keep extending this promo otherwise I’d already be back at National. Hertz is starting to ‘Nationalize’ as in pick your own car but it’s still lots of old cars. Some stations are better than others but National is far more consistent.

  6. Delta has a similar program with Hertz. I was able to rack up more than 11,000 Skymiles last year doing over the course of 6 business trips to Orlando for 2 day rentals where I was frequently getting mid-sized cars for <$40/day.

  7. @Ryan – Do you have a location that is very cheap. For 300K miles you should have made a lot of reservations so far. All the places I am looking at are very expensive ones. Any data points?

  8. @Phatmiles – Yes, united.com doesn’t allow booking from Hertz local editions and AFAIK, to get the bonus you have to book through united.com. I have rented from the local Hertz near our home multiple times, but unfortunately wasn’t able to use this promotion (even if providing the CDP/PC on hertz.com). If anyone knows a way around it, please do share it.

  9. anon — Well, Ryan says he earned 300,000 miles from it, so I guess the answer is yes. 😉

    I’ve only used it a few times myself.

  10. Ryan — You are awesome!

    And I totally agree with regards to Hertz. The cars I get from them have definitely been around the block a bit. They should offer a promotion where they award you the number of United miles that are on the odometer when you rent it!

    So yeah, I stick with National most of the time, but for short rentals, or when I’m by myself…. I’ll take the miles.

  11. In Houston, rates on Sat are about $13! Including all the reimbursements for the new car rental facility, it comes out to $27. Not bad for 2,750 miles as a Platinum!

  12. It seem like Hertz is actually feeling the lack of love from road warriors lately. Almost everyone at my company (consulting conglomerate) prefers National to Hertz (including me since I matched President’s Circle to Exec Elite with National). Hertz is responding now by offering a new special isle for President’s Circle and I’ve been very very impressed with the cars they have there at O’Hare. It was all brand new Cadillac’s with all sizes and types, just choose any and drive away! They said they have 10 airports nationwide so far with that new isle and continuing to expand it everywhere.

  13. The price is exactly the same if you use the PC you receive on the American Airlines website. Not sure about the miles calculations.

  14. A bit off topic, but I saw someone mention on a political blog that rental cars are going for $1/day at MEX. Not willing to believe such an outlandish statement, I needed to see for myself. I brought up hotwire and yep – it’s true. What’s more, two months rental in Puerto Vallarta was ~$30 – including taxes!!!

    I know that most of these airline/car rental offers are typically just for the US/Canada, but I’m curious whether there might be some way to use these codes to game rentals in Mexico, i.e., making multiple weekly rentals and picking up/dropping off repeatedly.

  15. Grant — Car rentals in Mexico are a different ball game. They usually don’t include mandatory insurance and whatnot. So you arrive, and then suddenly there is a slew of mandatory fees.

    The rate on the website is almost meaningless. At least that’s my limited experience.

  16. Yes, this promo ensured that 5 out my 6 rentals in 2016 were with Hertz. (The 6th was a week-long rental where the price difference was greater than the value of 2,750 miles).

    The best one was when I needed to be in downtown LA for the afternoon. Rental, gas and parking were $52 all in, cheaper than an Uber roundtrip, plus I got the 2,750 miles.

  17. A bunch of my Hertz/nited rentals did not post corectly. Its a nightmare getting that fixed. Hertz csutoemr serice is atrocious. Way too much effort. plus, Hertz sucks, especially at IAD.

  18. Earn Up to 6X the American Airlines AAdvantage Miles. Plus, Save Up to 35%

    Another promo via Hertz for airline miles. Worked well on the last weekly rental.

    The noted promo is a very good promo for individuals with status, as noted; but not so much so for individuals without status.

  19. @phatmiles. I travel every week for work and it’s one day rentals. Example (I go to Raleigh, Atlanta , then XNA). Hertz rates through the United promo are usually equal to National but more than Alamo or Avis.

    LAX, South Florida , Phoenix and Seattle weekend trips have yielded very cheap rates !!! As always weekday not so much. But haven’t ever paid more than $75 per day including tax

  20. Travis, if you lucked out, that’s great. However I’ve been trying to take advantage of this promo for the last 18 month with no success. RATES with United CDP and PC are always TWICE THE PRICE you can easily get. I mostly use CDP Accor Plat and CDP FlyingBlue Plat. They both always give you much cheaper rates than UA CDP.

    Aside from Hertz. If you really want earn a load of miles for car rental you would better rent with AVIS (what I actually do and find the overall experience stress free and smooth). They offer very generous back-to-back promo with various airlines. Just for now: you can get 5000 SAS miles for a weeklong rental ($200-250 for Cat C in California for instance) or you can get 4000 VS miles for a weeklong rental.

  21. Hertz is usually the most expensive option with the worst cars you can get. I only rent from National or Silvercar if that makes sense.

  22. @Santistico I do not blame you at all.. I was in a nasty older Imapala with 45000 miles on it thinking ” WOW, the dumb stuff i put up with for free miles” lol I do get some nice cars at Hertz but its the exception not the norm. but without promos anyone who rents Hertz over National is missing out! For me , I like that I have some free Lufthansa F trips coming up 🙂

  23. @Travis: How long did it take for the United Miles to post to your account? Completed a reservation almost a week ago but no points awarded yet.

  24. I, too, find that about 1/3 of the United rentals booked this way seem to be missing then 1500 additional miles. Fighting with Hertz/United now to get the ones that didn’t credit. Both are blaming the other. Same shit, different year. Form letters abound. Since I’ve successfully gotten about 9 of my rentals to post, this CAN BE curative, but you’ve got to fight for the full entitlement.

  25. Hello SST – I am running into this problem now with only partial miles posting. Hertz is saying I need to wait 6 – 8 weeks for promo miles to post. I received a partial amount after a week. Who are you contacting at United and Hertz? I’ve only contacted Hertz so far. Thanks!

  26. How long does it take for the miles to post ? I rented thru this link about 9 days ago and still haven’t seen the miles being posted

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