Earn Up To 2750 United Miles For A Hertz Car Rental

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My preferred car rental company is National. As an Executive member, I get to choose from a special aisle where more often than not I’m able to find a minivan, SUV, or some other monstrous vehicle for our family. And as I’ve said before, the key to traveling as a family — be it on the plane, in the hotel, or in the rental car — is space.

But there’s currently a very attractive promotion running between Hertz and United that is causing me to at least momentarily rethink my loyalty. The promotion has been running for several months now, but I don’t think we’ve covered it here on the blog, and I was only able to take advantage recently.

hertz united promotion

The United/Hertz promotion

Through July 31, 2016, you can earn 1500 bonus United miles for booking a Hertz rental car via the United website.

These are bonus miles, meaning you get them in addition to whatever miles you would have earned anyway. The standard number of miles you earn are based on your United status:

hertz united promotion 2
Award miles earned for each Hertz rental, not including the 1500 mile booking bonus

As a United 1K, you can earn 2750 miles for a one-day rental. And 2500 miles for Silver or Gold members is nearly as good.

To earn the bonus, you need to book the car via the United website using the following codes:

  • CDP 62455
  • PC 305023

If you follow the banner links on the United website, these codes should be pre-populated. The new United website is a bit insanely glitchy, so at the time I was making my Hertz rental reservation everything was displaying in Portuguese. Not even joking.

But the miles still posted. It seems to be back to normal today.

hertz united promotion 4
The booking page for the Hertz offer on united.com

Interestingly, the car rental reservation shows up with your airline tickets in the My Reservations section of your united.com account.

United/Hertz reciprocal status

United and Hertz have a partnership where United Premiers are granted status in the Hertz Gold Rewards program:

  • United Premier Silver and Gold members get Hertz Five Star status
  • United Premier Platinum, 1K, and Global Service members get Hertz President’s Circle status

To enroll, you just need to visit the dedicated website. I received my matched status in about a week, which was just in time for my rental.

hertz united promotion 5
United-Hertz status match tiers

I’m not an expert on the Hertz program, but it’s of course better to have status than to not have status.

My experience with Hertz and United

I recently needed a car for a day in Dallas. National’s rates were rather outrageous and since it was just a one-day rental, I figured we could survive in a regular sedan. So I turned to Hertz.

The United website quoted a Hertz rate of about $35 all-in for a weekend day so I booked it.

I was recognized as a Hertz President’s Circle member when I picked up the car. I was also told that I received an upgrade, though it was still just a completely uninteresting sedan. I’m not complaining of course since that’s what I booked, but it’s also not likely to pry me away from National — at least not without throwing piles of miles at me!

About a week or so later I received 2750 miles in my United account. Even ignoring the fact that I actually needed the car, that’s like buying United miles at 1.2 cents each.

hertz united promotion 6
The miles post in three tranches

Bottom line

If you need a one-day car rental, this may well be the best deal out there. If you have any status with United, or even just the United credit card, the miles you earn from a one-day rental may be worth as much as you paid for the car.

Has anyone taken advantage of this promotion? Any better deals out there for earning miles through car rentals?

  1. I don’t see a maximum on this promo…

    You’re telling me if I normally rent a car for 4 days a week, I can exchange every day and earn 11k miles a week?

  2. Travis (or anyone else), I have a few questions about this:
    1. Is this offer worldwide or must the rentals be in the US?
    2. Is it scale-able? Can I hire more than 1 car per person per day?
    3. Do you actually need to collect the hire for it to be a hire or can you just pre-book and pay and not collect?

  3. I took advantage of this deal on one day rentals twice this month. Everything was very smooth and the miles posted quickly.

  4. Only works on airports where United flys to. I was thinking of doing some local rentals but no go.

    Also, when I plugged in some dates at the airport near me, the other 2 companies’ rates were about $35/day while Hertz came in at $89/day…

  5. Hertz is awful. I did this once for the miles. It’s totally not worth it. Terrible service, terrible cars, and they cheat you on the refueling fee. National is just so much better in every possible respect. Best of all, they don’t treat their customers like sheep ready to be fleeced.

  6. I learned the hard way that, in order to earn the points, the reservation must be made on the United.com site. So, the next time, I made the reservation directly through the link on the email from United, and I’m still fighting with Hertz for the points. I’d like to try National but as a 100% leisure traveler, I never find them to be competitive.

  7. I rent cars all time and I am a huge National guy. It takes a lot for me to use Hertz. Having said that, for unimportant one-day rentals, the 2,750 miles are enough to seal the deal. Without these miles, I would never rent from Hertz.

  8. I checked into a 2 day rental in Orlando via Hertz to gain the United miles, but just like Matthew said , the price was ridiculously more than comparable car with other agencies, totally negated the value of the miles.

  9. I couldn’t get it to book non airport locations. I am not optimistic it would give me a competitive rate so it is just making me buy miles. Because of that I typically ignore Hertz promos.

  10. I’ve gotten it to work in Europe as well as the US. It’s been available since last summer, actually, and I’ve been racking up points. I imagine you could do a series of back to back one day rentals, I considered that a couple of times but decided it would be too annoying.

    Like others here I would not rent from hertz but for the miles from this offer, which are quite generous.

    I think you have to actually pick up the same to get the credit, not just prepay.

  11. I made comparisons on renting through Hertz with/without United Mileageplus coupon codes and I don’t see where the 40% off comes in. I plugged in San Francisco SFO pick up July 7 to July 12 with coupon codes it comes out to be $440 and without the coupon codes it comes out to be $475 for same midsize car. Sure the mileage points are a good value but wheres the 40% off for Mileageplus members?

  12. the sad but true fact is that doing it thru the United website, which is required, will be a high rate that often negates the points value. the “40%” off is BS. there are much better rates to be had direct from the hertz website using the varied coupons they offer and AAA discount, but then you don’t get the united big miles; you may be able to get 1000 united miles just by plugging that in as your preferred place (CDP) to get your points,but not the big 2750 or so,

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