Continue Earning Tons Of United Miles By Renting Cars With Hertz

United has had a long running promotion where you can earn a pile of miles for each Hertz rental car you book via the United website. I think it started in 2015 and has been repeatedly extended pretty much ever since. Apparently it’s a good deal for United and Hertz, which is great because it’s most definitely a good deal for many of us. In fact, I’d argue that it’s the best deal out there on short term car rentals.

As best I can tell, the deal this time is the same as in the past. United Premier Platinum, 1K, and Global Services members earn 2,750 miles per rental, while United Gold and Silver members do almost as well, with 2,500 miles. Those lucky enough not to fly United on a regular basis can earn 2,000 miles per rental.

Even though I prefer to rent with National — where I prefer to select my car, or minivan, from the Aisle when traveling with my family — I’m more than happy to go with Hertz when traveling for work or times when the vehicle just doesn’t matter as much.

The current version of the promotion is running through July 31, 2018, which should cover a good chunk of the summer travel season.

hertz united promotion

Earn United miles on Hertz car rentals

The promotional offer is for a 1,500 mile bonus for renting a car from Hertz. Then, depending on your status, you earn additional miles according to the table.

Award miles earned for each Hertz rental, in addition to the 1,500 mile booking bonus

As a United 1K, that means you can earn 2,750 miles for a one-day rental. And 2,500 miles for Silver or Gold members is nearly as good.

Booking Hertz cars via the United website

To take advantage of the standard or the “mega” Hertz offer, you need to book via the United website using the following codes. These probably won’t get you as good a rate as your other corporate codes, but remember — loads of miles.

  • CDP 62455
  • PC 305023

If you follow the banner links on the United website, these codes should be pre-populated.

hertz united promotion 4
The booking page for the Hertz offer on

The car rental reservation should eventually show up with your airline tickets in the “My Reservations” section of your account.

Bottom line

Hertz isn’t my favorite car rental company, but for one-day rentals this offer is hard to beat. I’ve used it a bunch of times now, and have even had my wife drive separately once while visiting her relatives so we could double up on the miles earned. I’ve never had a problem with the miles posting, though do note that they tend to show up in three different tranches. So if they don’t all post at once, give it a bit.

Are you excited that the Hertz & United partnership continues to live on?


  1. I agree on the National model. Especially since all I care about in a car (aside from the transportation) is a USB port. However, Hertz is rolling out the same program. I used it in Raleigh and SLC recently. You just have to be a member of their club (which is free).

  2. Is this restricted to certain locations? My pickup spot for Monday isn’t listed on the United site, but is listed on the Hertz site.

  3. I rent with Hertz, and at many locations, like DTW, they have ultimate choice, so you can select your own vehicle as well.

  4. The best part about booking through the United site seems to be that the rental shows up under trips. I’ve been using these codes on Hertz’s site before. But hertz doesn’t seem to show upcoming reservations, its a pain when you’re booking several rentals over many weeks.
    Hard to remember which have been booked and which you merely priced out.

  5. Beware that the interface for renting Hertz cars doesn’t work as well as For example, I wasn’t able to pull up Tokyo city offices in the interface – only the major airports.

    In addition, last time I did have to hunt down United to post the bonus miles associated with this offer.

  6. hello. don’t the rental car agencies charge a fee for earning airline miles? is it still worth earning united miles through this promotion?

  7. There’s a frequent flier surcharge. You are buying these miles. Make sure the math works for you. I’m surprised this is not mentioned.

  8. Yes, do check the math. I have found that the United offer often costs more than other Hertz offers.

  9. _ar: Yep, there’s a frequent flyer surcharge of 75 cents. If that changes the math as to whether this is a good deal for you, than it probably wasn’t worth it in the first place. 😉

  10. @Daniel M: You basically have to rent from airport locations for this deal to work. Which kind of makes sense, given that it is a promo with an airline.

  11. @bryan t

    Yep, I’m glad to see that Hertz is finally getting on-board with the “choose your own car” concept. And I did finagle a minivan from the Hertz aisle at DTW in January. (There wasn’t one out there, but I convinced one of the staff to bring one around.)

  12. Only useful for rentals in the USA! Anywhere else IME you’re wasting your time – Hertz/UA blame each other when you try to follow up the missing points.

  13. Things to remember:

    1. You must use the banner links on the United web page to receive this bonus offer. If you go directly to the Hertz website and use the CDP and PC numbers for this offer, your bonus miles will likely be denied.

    2. Sometimes, you can perform all of the steps correctly and yet the offer will not “attach” to your Hertz booking when you check later. Again, your bonus could be denied.

    3. Sometimes, the variance in price by using the United offer is a lot more than 75 cents. For a recent Hawaii booking, using the United CDP without the PC for this offer resulted in a lower rental rate by over $100. No way the bonus points with United are worth over $100.

  14. WilliamC:

    To be perfectly clear, the frequent flyer surcharge is 75 cents, meaning that you pay an additional 75 cents for the privilege of earning miles. The rate can obviously vary all over the place, and no code is going to give the best rate in every situation.

    My point, in fact, was that the 75 cent surcharge is trivial given how the rate can vary all over the place, as your example illustrates.

    You have to do the math. As always.

  15. Not such a great deal on the rate when I just booked with Dollar (for same itinerary) and the total cost for a midsize was $99 and change vs $144 via UA promotion link. And you can still ask to earn miles for a nominal fee (like 50 cents – it’s been awhile so not sure). Might be good in some cases but pays to check options.

  16. Can anyone confirm this is a worldwide deal? I had problems with Alamo not posting hikton points outside US but never a problem with Delta + Hertz

  17. Also note the fine print this is for intermediate or larger cars only?! So compct and economy cars do not qualify?

  18. Forgetting about competitive rates from other car rental companies, I have yet to find a rate with Hertz via United is anywhere near as advantageous as using either my AAA Hertz rates or my company’s negotiated Hertz rates. Those bonus miles can be awfully expensive.

  19. If I’m under 25 and using the AAA rate to avoid underage fees, can I avail of this? Also, is there a way I can join Hertz Gold Rewards if I’m under 21? Thanks!

  20. @travis: Just googling it says its $1 per day on the hertz website

    whether $0.75 or $1.00 per day or 7.5% excise tax – it’s worth mentioning that in your article. Also, these miles are NOT free. it’s costing Hertz and they are passing it on to you in some way.

    Do you think Hertz is paying excise tax on purchasing AA/DL miles only and not United?

    But whatevs – it’s your website you can publish whatever you want….

  21. I’ve been trying to see if this offer has any restrictions for Canadians… does anyone know if its applicable in Canada?

  22. I’ve tried to book the car rental through website but kept getting
    “! is unable to complete your booking at this time. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Hertz at 1800-654-3131 for assistance” error.

    Has anyone had this same problem. I don’t want to call Hertz because that might get my miles denied later?

  23. I’m glad the Hertz/United partnership is continuing, but the targeted summer offer last year was for 5,000 miles. I had four 1-day rentals and banked 20,000 miles. This year I would have to have TEN rentals.

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