United double EQM’s start posting!

As I got off my flight just a few minutes ago I got a few texts from people saying that double EQM’s have starting posting from the United promotion. That’s good news, but not surprisingly ual.com’s mileage summary page isn’t working for me, so I’m stuck waiting. I calculated how many miles I should have earned from it, so I’m curious how that number matches up to what actually posts….


  1. I just spoke with United’s Mileage Plus helpdesk, and they say that my double EQM miles have posted to my account. I cannot see them in my mileage details, and after a long phone call to UA’s Online Helpdesk, I was told that promotional miles won’t show up in the mileage details area. The only way to know if promotional miles were added is to (1) call the M+ helpdesk or (2) keep track of how many extra miles you should be getting and compare that to your mileage summary.


  2. I’m having a major dispute with United over the day I registered for this double EQM promotion. Anyone else having a similar issue? They claim I signed up on May 26th when I specifically remember doing this in early April. This happened because I went to the “My Promotions” and Elite Choice and Double EQM showed up as registered, but that I needed to “activate”. I clicked on that button and both registration dates changed to May 26th. They admit to the problem on Elite Choice since I earned an award for that in March. We’re disputing double EQM now.

    They shorted me about 19k miles.

    Here’s the funny thing, they claim they did not announce this until April 22nd, however it started on April 21st. They also claim they had problems with people registering on April 21st. See verbatim last email below.

    ** Anyone that has proof they signed up prior to April 21st would be well appreciated – or an email about it prior to that date.

    “The Double EQM promotion was not announced until April 22, 2008 so a late March or early April registration date would be impossible. There also was a problem with the registration program on April 21 and 22 so United ran a program that registered any members who open the announcement e-mail on those days with the date the e-mail was opened, so if you would have opened the e-mail on either of those dates your account would have automatically been corrected.”

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