1. That’s alot of stairs. Womder if skipped secrions about hiding from security guards on way up!? This crane ladder, bupit iffy.

  2. Just to give everyone a heads up.. That bottle opener building next to them is freaking so high that when your at the top and look down ppl are smaller then ants.. You can’t even see them..
    My favorite part if anyone ever goes there is to watch the rain fall, its like it falls vertical..

  3. Well what the !! I thought they where going to parachute off. Still though, no way I’d be up there even taking the elevator.

  4. The view from the top is amazing, but that is INSANE! I just kept thinking that I hope neither of them falls off.

  5. Wow. And the head-mounted cam whipping around doesn’t help reduce the vomit factor. When they high-fived I half expected them to lose their balance and plunge to their deaths.

  6. Those 2 buildings they kept looking down on are something like the 4th and 7th tallest buildings IN THE WORLD!! I gotta go back to Shanghai just to see this. They were building it when I was there in 2012. Thanks for posting Lucky. Awesome!

  7. Pretty awesome! Not sure how many here speak Russian so I’ll briefly mention that in the beginning they are talking about how to get in (don’t really reveal a lot of detail) and then, towards the end, they have this exchange:

    Guy #1: Mom will be shocked!
    Guy #2: I hope she isn’t going to watch this video.

    Anyway, I highly recommend heading over to one of the guy’s blogs on LJ which contains bi-lingual write-up (Russian and English) and some amazingly jaw-dropping photos —

    (If you don’t want to visit, I’ll just mention that they climbed during Chinese New Year; it took them 2 hours to get to 120th floor on foot but because the weather wasn’t good enough for video, they had spent 18 hours on top sleeping and waiting for clouds to clear out.)

  8. Wow, as mentioned above, Shanghai World Financial center is shown way BELOW where they are, and when we went up it in 2008 shortly after it opened, it was one of the tallest in the world. The observatory up there was extremely high!

    These guys are NUTS. Once you step over the wall though, it doesn’t matter how high you climb. Any fall and you’re dead. I wonder if their backpacks had parachutes in them…

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