Turkey Resumes Visa Issuance For US Citizens, Accuses The US Of Lying

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Earlier I wrote about how there was finally an end in sight for the diplomatic spat between the US and Turkey, which began in October

The situation unfolded when a worker at the US consulate in Istanbul was arrested over suspicions of being linked to a cleric blamed for last year’s failed coup. The US stated that if Turkey isn’t committed to the security of their mission and personnel in Turkey, they would no longer provide visa services. Within hours Turkey responded with a reciprocal policy, stating they’d no longer issue visas for Americans looking to visit Turkey, under most circumstances (there were exceptions, but you couldn’t get a visa at a consulate in the US, couldn’t get an e-visa or visa on arrival if traveling to/from the US, etc.).

Today some progress was made on this front, as the US resumed visa services in Turkey effective immediately. The US claimed that they received assurances from the Turkish government that no employees at the US mission in Turkey are under investigation. It was expected that Turkey would quickly reciprocate and again issue visas for Americans as before. It looks like that did indeed happen, with a catch.

On the plus side, US citizens can once again get visas for Turkey, whether at an embassy in the US, online, or on arrival (it’s impressive that Turkey’s e-visa website has already been updated to again allow Americans to apply).

However, it looks like this diplomatic dispute may not be over completely. CNN is reporting that the Turkish embassy in Washington says that the United States is misinforming the public by saying that they’ve received assurances from the Turkish government.

This certainly has the potential to get interesting and not be completely over, given the tit-for-tat approach that governments take in these situations. So for now visa services have been restored. However, who knows if in a few hours the US will again suspend visa services since they’ve been accused of misinforming the public and apparently haven’t received the assurances that they claim to have received.

We’ll have to wait and see how this unfolds, but for now it’s business as usual once again, which is great.

  1. I just went ahead and got mine now, just in case the start tit for tat again. I was planning to use 2nd passport, but this won’t be necessary.

  2. I figured this might happen soon. The tourism industry in Turkey is a disaster under the current situation. It was bad before the US visa ban. I can’t imagine how desperate things have become now. I was there early in 2017 and the shop keepers and guides literally begged me to tell others in the USA how they are open and welcome tourist. It might be a good time to go. The exchange rate is good for Americans. The hotels are cheap on cash or points. The airfares can be decent at times. The streets are a bit dangerous for Americans but not that bad if you are smart about it.

  3. Erdogan is a terrible person… but don’t let that distract from the wonderful warm and friendly Turkish people.

  4. Interesting situation. I have no plans to travel to or through Turkey, so this specific development won’t impact me, but to be completely honest I trust the Turkish Embassy far more than I do our current administration. Lies and misinformation are the building blocks of our current POTUS’ reputation, so it seems reasonable to me that Turkey’s Embassy is spot on in this case.

  5. I must agree with @Josh. One certainly cannot trust any declaration coming from the Trump administration.

  6. I too long for the good old days when statements from the US Administration and the POTUS were always spot on. Some of my favorites:

    “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”.

    ‘Premiums will soon go down by 25%’.

    ‘Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration over a video. And there was no way to get help there in time to save lives’.

    “I didn’t send any classified emails over my private server”.

    And of course the all time classic:

    “I did not have sex with that woman”.

    Ah, yes, those were the days, weren’t they? 😉

  7. @Robert Hanson – So previous people’s statements justify current ones? Dude get a grip. Live in the present. Presently we have a mentally ill compulsive liar in the White House. That was my point. (And for the record, I don’t condone lies by anyone.)

  8. Good news.
    Turkey is probably one of the most interesting places on the planet to visit from its rich culture, food, sights, etc. And TK is a pretty decent product with often great pricing.

  9. DaninMCI – Americans make up less than 2% of Turkish tourists, the world doesn’t revolve around America quite as much as many would like to believe.

  10. @james
    Would not put much trust into a Turkish government run publication . My experience is that tourism in turkey has collapsed. I was last there in mid July. Restaurants empty grand Hyatt empty 3 nights in a row I was the only person in bar or restaurant. On my previous visits there were lineups everywhere. Tourism venues museums etc totally empty and very few westerners . They are bringing in tourists from the Middle East but they don’t seem to be the ones who pay the bills as they are ultra religious so quite conservative. I will be there again end of the month and booked the park hyatt for 150.00$ Extremely cheap. So I would say they are hurting badly.

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