The TSA’s 12 Banned Items Of Christmas


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  1. You’re slipping Lucky! This came out right before Christmas, so its already made the rounds. Set up a Google alert for TSA and you’ll get it as soon as it breaks!

  2. YAWN….

    Remember the post a few weeks ago about video blogging, and the rebellion from the crowd, referencing TPG’s videos and how no one watches them? Reduce the videos please.

  3. Pretty hilarious!

    The whole security theater situation is rather sad (on a most recent trip, got an enhanced patdown of my right ankle, lol).

    Also, one thing that would be nice is not having to clear security multiple times at airports. For example, if we just got off a flight, why make us jump through hoops again to get to our connecting flight (e.g. TPAC/TATL + intra-US flights)? Even with priority lines, it’s annoying.

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