To the guy in 3E…

You know those people that go out of their way to try and make other people miserable? Well, I had one of those yesterday on my flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong on Thai Airways.

In the first class cabin were my friend and I, an older German couple, and a couple traveling with an infant. Our flight was delayed a bit for a late arriving passenger, who turned out to be the last first class passenger. As the captain informed us that we were waiting on a last passenger he jokingly commented “let’s give him a hand as he boards.”

Anyway, I have no problem with the fact that the plane was held for him, since we still arrived in Hong Kong on-time. Unfortunately I wish he wouldn’t have been so much of a jerk.

The guy traveling with the lap infant quickly approached us and asked if we were FlyerTalkers. We confirmed we were, so talked for a few minutes, and that was it. Then towards the end of the flight I went back towards his seat to talk for a few minutes. We talked at a very normal volume that wouldn’t at all be disruptive, though that didn’t stop the late arriving passenger from telling the flight attendant to tell us to be quiet because he was trying to sleep (which, mind you, he wasn’t — he was watching a movie and his seat wasn’t even reclined). Furthermore, he was seated on the other side of the cabin, so I really don’t see how we were being disruptive. The guy was being a douchebag, plain and simple.

But then we land, and as part of the Thai Airways’ Hong Kong arrivals service they drive you in a golf cart to immigration. There were three golf carts. The German couple took the first one, and they drove off. We were in the second cart, and the rude guy sat down in the third cart. The driver told him he needed to get in our cart, as they were saving the last one for the couple traveling with the baby. He loudly exclaimed “I’m not going with them.” The driver insisted, though. Then he literally huffed, puffed, and grunted for the entire five minute ride to immigration.

I’m tempted to post the guy’s picture, but I’ll take the high road…

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  1. You caught yourself in the rearview mirror of the cart! 🙂 Next time, publish a photo. The world could do with a few less jerks.

  2. Coins, why did the Flyertalkers approach you? Did you have a luggage tag? Were you talking miles and points? I just can’t see walking up to another passenger (even in first) and asking ‘Are you a Flyertalkers’? Seems strange.

  3. @ Dan — We were both (North) Americans taking pictures in the cabin. Seems obvious enough. 😀

  4. It’s so sad that there are people like this who think they are just too important to be nice to others. I don’t care if someone paid $25,000 for a last-minute first class ticket. Just be respectful!

  5. As much as I enjoy your blog I’m beginning to get deja vu. I don’t yet know what your present trip is all about–where, why, what–but you seem to be covering a lot of familiar territory. Your Archives already have tons of info about all the best First Class seats, First Class Lounges and hotel upgrades so it would be a welcome change to see more writing about the places you are actually visiting.

  6. @jetaway Seriously? Go to Frommers or Lonely Planet bro. This blog is about the constantly changing landscape of the first class travel experience. Sorry. Strange you haven’t figured that out yet?

  7. This guy is a big time schmuck. Feel free to publish his photo in the travel hall of shame.

  8. @Jeremy. Yea, seriously. I like Lucky’s writing style, insights, and “adventures.” I don’t like Frommer’s or Lonely Planet. Lots of bloggers are now writing about First Class travel and credit cards, not much about what happens when you “get there.” There’s a niche waiting to be filled.

  9. To be fair, even though it sounds like he was being a db, sometimes acoustics in planes are such that I can clearly hear conversations being held at regular volume all the way on the other side of the plane or many rows forward or back from where I sit. I have freaky good hearing, and it’s really irritating. This happened to me recently on a 767 where I was in the window seat on one side and I could hear every word from somebody in the window seat on the other side of the pane. So, it’s possible.

  10. @ Zzzzzzzz
    In this post Lucky is observing, perhaps venting a bit. And we readers are generally commiserating. We don’t like jerks. Therefore you’re not likely to find welcome here.

  11. I like the ‘friendly stranger’ approach to these types: make eye contact and smile- then kill ’em with interesting questions. “hi, how are you?” “so, where are you from?”

    I once managed to have a total a$$ keep his comments to himself by proudly exclaiming, with a big grin, that “I’m wearing fresh socks and underwear today!” Quietest flight of my life- MSP to PHX. He didn’t utter another peep.

  12. On the exact route, I’ve seen a physical confrontation between 2 F class passengers. A young western guy(drunk or high) was talking really loud and a Thai/Chinese older passenger was quite annoyed by it. Thank goodness TG had many male FAs on board to broke up the fight.

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