1. I recently wrote a letter to Lufthansa (sent it to their NY office) about an unfortunately experience in IAH. We arrived after flying 1st class from FRA and when we retrieved our bags, one had a broken handle.

    When we went to the Lufthansa counter to recheck the bags to PHX the young girl was very rude and unfriendly. The first thing she said was “Where is the luggage tag?” We were kind of tired from the long flight and didn’t realize that she meant the destination tag of the bag. When I pointed out that it HAD a tag on the handle but must have fallen off when the handle was broken, she immediately went into a long winded disclaimer that LH had no responsibility unless the frame was damage.

    I wasn’t pointing that out to get money from them, just to point out why it no longer had a tag. Her demeanor was poor and she told us we have to carry it to the US Airways checkin counter in Terminal A. Anyone who has been to IAH knows that is a long distance to haul bags.

    Anyhow I did get an apology from LH and it was obvious they had read my letter. They address my points (i.e., it wasn’t a form letter) and offered to give each of us 5,000 points. I’m not sure whether we will ever see the points since I only have a temporary account with Miles and More and my GF doesn’t have a current account.

    Any complaint needs to have details, be polite and concise. Unfortunately companies have to deal with a lot of people who just are looking for something free or have unreasonable expectations.

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