This is just too funny not to share….

Sorry, this has absolutely nothing to do with miles, points, or travel, but I just have to share this.  I’m a huge fan of funny videos on YouTube, and I’m pretty sure I was finally pointed to the funniest one. I was in tears when I saw this (and it gets funnier every time I watch it):

I have a huge collection of funny YouTube videos, and if you guys weren’t opposed to it I’d be up for posting one a week (maybe every Saturday), just to hopefully make someone laugh. But then again the blog is about miles and points, so maybe that’s off topic. Let me know!

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  1. There is a whole blog dedicated to funny videos and photos. It is the same site that you are referencing

  2. no thanks on the so-called “funny” videos every saturday. or ever. i’m afraid that was really, really boring. i read your blogs for travel info, and unfortunately don’t agree with your humor on this. keep up the good travel news, though.

  3. @ prncess674 — Yeah, I spent about five hours on that site the other day. Just too funny.

    @ ralph — Point taken, thanks!

  4. It’s your blog. Do what you want. It’s kind of like the sports or business section in the newspaper. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. I liked the video. So did my 8 year old.

    If I had a blog, I’d put whatever I liked on it.

  5. I strongly agree with the previous poster. It’s YOUR blog – do whatever appeals to you. And laughter is often in short supply. I enjoyed it, as well as the website it’s from.

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