Things you’ll only find at breakfast buffets in Asia…

Two brands of ice cream — Häagen-Dazs and Mövenpick — with four flavors each. After all, anything less than eight ice cream choices for breakfast would be insulting.





And gummy bears.


I mean, that makes perfect sense, right?

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  1. Where’s the cake?
    I always manage to eat a piece of delish
    vanilla cake for B’fast in Asia.
    Plus some salami.
    My stomach is still on America time.

  2. Is this W’s breakfast? I had it at W last year, and this looks kind of like what I had there.

  3. @ Kevin — The pizza is from the W and the ice cream and gummy bears are from the Le Meridien (though the W had ice cream as well).

  4. I would like the gummy bears and ice cream. Nothing like a massive load of sugar to get your day started right.

  5. Wouldn’t mind eating pizza for breakfast with ice cream and cake as a dessert, and take the gummy bears for the road, haha! If we eat fried bacon in the USA what can be greasier than that?!

  6. Nope. Not seeing a problem here. Although this could be my inner student calling me…

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