A Douchey Way To Earn 130,000 Bonus Etihad Miles

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I’m a bit miles & points obsessed (in case you guys haven’t noticed), and that doesn’t just apply to travel. I think about points with almost every decision I make on a day to day basis. I earn bonus Starpoints for taking Uber. I use airline dining portals to earn bonus points for restaurants. I use airline shopping portals to earn bonus points for other purchases I’d make anyway. I maximize my credit card points. The list goes on and on.

The beauty of miles nowadays is that there are so many ways to earn them other than flying and credit cards. You can get bonus miles for everything from test driving a car to getting a hair loss consultation to joining a wine club. Airlines send out emails all the time with partner mileage offers, though the one Etihad Airways just sent out to select members has to be one of the strangest.

Reader Sean forwarded me the email received from Etihad, offering up to 130,000 bonus miles for joining The World’s Finest Clubs, which is essentially a program that gives you special privileges at over 200 nightclubs around the world.


Here’s the website for the promotion.


Here are some of the advertised benefits of The World’s Finest Clubs:


If you want to earn bonus miles, you can buy one of two membership levels, on an annual basis:

  • A Premium Private membership costs 159EUR per month (1908EUR per year) and earns you 80,000 bonus miles
  • A Premium Partners membership costs 249EUR per month (2988EUR per year) and earns you 130,000 bonus miles


If you’re doing this for the miles, at best that’s like paying ~2.5 cents per Etihad Guest mile. That’s not a rate at which I’d buy those miles, though if you get value out of the membership, it could be worth it.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no nightclub expert (the whole “night” part sort of conflicts with me going to bed around 8PM), but I just can’t make sense of the benefits. You get free club access and no queuing, but all the other benefits seem questionable… and you’re supposed to pay hundreds of Euros per month for that?

Regardless, I found this to be one of the more amusing mileage earning offers from an airline…

  1. Well it certainly can’t be douchier than begging the Internet to pay for your Etihad Residence ticket.

    First class in the air, no class on the ground.

  2. A Middle East airline partnering with nightclubs that offer alcoholic beverages. Anyone else see irony in this.

  3. The only thing douchey here is this post. Just because you don’t frequent night clubs, you shouldn’t assume everyone who does is a douche. Look at it this way, there may be people who already pay for this service and this is a way to earn more miles in the process.

  4. @Mike I don’t see anything that wrong with it. the UAE isn’t a dry airline, and both Abu Dhabi and Dubai have some of the slickest and nightclubs I’ve been to. Liquor/ wine/ champagne flows freely on Etihad.

  5. Lucky I love your posts and they are tremendously helpful to me. Thank you. Just one opinion, but as a woman from an older generation I find your title to be very off-putting. Your call I realize, just wasn’t sure you would be aware of how they may come across to some of your readers.

  6. This is a great offer for those of you with super loosey-goosey expense accounts!

    Just submit it under “Client Entertainment” 😉

  7. Going to nightclubs makes one a douche? Since when? Just because you don’t visit nightclubs doesn’t make it a douchebag activity!

    Douchey might be doing things like repeatedly sending in complaints for trivial things to United for miles or re-using vouchers through a computer hack.

  8. Finally a post from Lucky that I agree with! Yes Tom, ALL people who would go to nightclubs often enough to buy this membership are douches. Kate, the term “douche” is not just for your bathroom medicine cabinet anymore, it’s been mainstream for decades now, so you can stop with the faux outrage. Mike, I do see the irony, but the ME carrier apologists here like to ignore anything negative about them so they can continue to enjoy their 1st class flights with a clear conscience. Douche on.

  9. Did the prices just go down? I see rates of 79,89 and 149 Euro for the 3 membership types. But I also don’t see the Ethiad miles being offered anymore through that link.
    Found the other link now as well with the miles and the higher rates. So basically they make you pay for the miles with a higher monthly fee :-).
    Also unfortunately yearly billing so too expensive for the miles. Would be nice if they bill monthly and you can wiggle yourself out of the contract :-).

  10. Sounds like some pretty expensive posing opportunities. Maybe some Beliebers with extra money to throw around will be interested.

  11. “Think it’d work if you only sign up for a month and then cancel?”

    Fine print says you have to pay the annual fee to get the points.

  12. Now I’m “revved up like a douche” and maybe with the “surprise gift” I will be blinded by the light?
    Sounds intriguing.

  13. In Moscow, I used to get in free to a night club with my us passport. Stood next to a douche Charlie Sheen.. Short dude! Probably explains a lot.

  14. To the unworldly there is a certain irony in an airline based in an Arab Muslim country being part of this sort of an offer. To those not so naive who travel around and shop around, we all know that you can see burqa women in Harrods or Primark in London buying the skimpiest underwear going while their husbands are being “escorted”. That makes the Etihad offer fit very nicely!

  15. Remember to read the fine print:

    The membership contract is renewed automatically every year unless a registered letter of cancellation is received 30 days (postmark date) prior to the renewal date. Both parties must confirm the cancellation in writing.

    Sign up online, sure no problem. Want to leave, well that is a bit more difficult.

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