The three most useless words in the hotel industry…

Contemporary, superior, and deluxe. They mean absolutely nothing.

As in, “I just left my superior room to have a deluxe continental breakfast in the contemporary restaurant.”

Hotels, please stop using these words, especially to describe room types. What exactly is a “superior” room superior to if it’s the most basic room type?

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  1. they’re just buzz words, if they switch to the new ones, they’re just going become the same thing.

  2. Complain, complain, complain. You are on an incredible trip but somehow your glass is regularly half empty. That’s a rough way to go through life.

  3. These words are the hotel equivalent of compact, intermediate, full-size, etc in the rental car world. I think that descriptive words like “superior” or “deluxe” should have a known meaning, e.g., if i book a superior room i KNOW what I am getting. I view Lucky’s note less as a complaint and more as a desire for clarity. IMHO, I don’t care what the words are as long as they have a consistent meaning.

  4. I don’t find Ben’s post to be a complaint at all but a useful commentary on the confusing way different hotels describe their rooms. I don’t think Ben has a negative attitude at all.

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