The Priority Club PointBreaks list has been updated…. kind of

Priority Club has released their new batch of PointBreaks hotels, only they haven’t updated the PointBreaks website. That means the only way to find hotels that work is to search manually, at least if you’re not patient enough to wait until they list the available properties. Many of the hotels available through PointBreaks are listed towards the end of this FlyerTalk thread.

For those not familiar with PointBreaks, it’s when Priority Club makes certain hotels available for 5,000 points, from Holiday Inn Express properties to InterContinental hotels.

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  1. Intercon Melbourne Rialto is open!! Uggh I knew I should have MRed to MEL instead of SYD. Only SYD property is HI SYD Airport 🙁

  2. Shortest list of US properties that I’ve seen.

    I used Points Break once in Pasadena, and have a reservation in November in Beijing. Good value…and I’m saving my Starpoints. :>)

  3. Just booked the Holiday Inn in Zurich for 5000 points… saving me about $300 USD. When you can get them, these point breaks are fantastic!


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