The life of a Lufthansa HON member…

Last week I shared some pretty cool German TV shows about air travel. Here’s another awesome one, documenting the travel experience of a Lufthansa HON member (which is their top tier elite status, requiring ~600,000 elite qualifying miles every two years) from Frankfurt to New York. Check it out:

While it’s in German, I think the video footage alone is pretty cool, regardless of what language you speak.

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  1. I really need to learn German so I can watch the videos on your blog. & I love the first class terminal! It was such a great place to spend my 6-hour weather delay. Ahhh

  2. I think I know the answer (or at least what I think it should be) but I’ll ask it anyway. Which would you rather be–an LH HON that a UA GS member?

  3. Glad I have German in school and speak Dutch
    which looks very much on German! That way I can understand parts of it!

  4. @ Despina — Hah, that’s a good question with no easy answer. Ultimately the recognition as a HON is much, much better, but you hardly earn any upgrades, though you do get quite a few operational upgrades. If I lived in Frankfurt there’s no doubt that I’d rather be a HON. I would take intra-Germany weekend trips just to use the FCT. Why not book a cheap $100 roundtrip ticket between Frankfurt and Munich and enjoy the FCL/FCT in both locations?

    But other than that, the benefits are quite limited, in my opinion. If you fly first class anyway, the difference is minimal, other than maybe being greeted a bit more nicely by the purser and also getting an escort upon arrival. But given my travel patters, I’d certainly choose Global Services for obvious reasons.

  5. Brings back great memories of burning UA MP miles for F on LH DFW-FRA. Loved the made to order meals and S-Class Mercedes to plane. I think driving in a car on the tarmac to a remote stand may have been the highlight of the trip.

  6. loved it!

    I didn’t see the pneumatic tube when I was there in October. And I loved the checked baggage handling šŸ™‚

  7. Have you noticed that both, the suitcase from the HON member and the economy class pax are the same victorinox… hummm

  8. Nice video! Makes me really excited for the day that I decide to cash in some RDMs for SFO-FRA-SFO on LH in F! šŸ™‚

    Felt sorry for the people stuck in Y, especially after seeing the spaciousness of the upper deck! šŸ™‚ ^

  9. It’s funny though, that since that 744 has the A380 coach seats, the Y ptv is bigger and nicer than the F one!

  10. @david-alexis

    they also switch airport inbetween. the boardding area where they show the Y class people is Munich and not Frankfurt

  11. Brings back memories of my trip last month. Thanks for the link to the video. The baggage handler seemed more gentle with the bag in the video than my mishap.

  12. Looks like they took the video down due to a copyright claim.
    Do you mind sharing the name with us, and perhaps we can find it elsewhere?

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