The impact of new hotel management

For as long as I’ve been a Royal Ambassador (top tier elite) with InterContinental, I’ve avoided the InterContinental Mark Hopkins in San Francisco like the plague. Fortunately the new InterContinental San Francisco was built a couple of years ago, which is a great hotel, so all my stays have been there. They know how to take care of their elite members too. Royal Ambassadors receive an upgrade to a junior suite and club access, along with all the other benefits.

So why have I avoided the InterContinental Mark Hopkins? Well, the hotel seemed to have one of the most anti-elite attitudes of basically any hotel. Royal Ambassador members typically get at least a two level upgrade, but to skirt this rule, the Mark Hopkins created a new room category by adding a fax machine into certain rooms, which they called “business rooms.”

Back in August it was reported that the GM of the Mark Hopkins was transferring to Los Angeles and that the GM from the new InterContinental San Francisco would be taking over at the Mark Hopkins. So how much really changes with a new GM? Well, it was just reported on FlyerTalk that the Mark Hopkins is now not only giving Royal Ambassadors club lounge access, but also upgrading them to junior suites.

Brilliant! Here’s to hoping that continues beyond the recession. I love the new InterContinental San Francisco, but I might just have to give the Mark Hopkins a try.

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  1. And in other news…..

    a Staples truck was just seen delivering a large shipment of fax machines to a hotel in LA!

  2. I had one of the last great RA stays at the Mark Hopkins, back in 2006: booked 3 nights at AAA rate in a club room (including one night paid with BOGO cert) and was given a Terrace Suite with club access.

    Then that awful GM transferred in from Canada and the fax machine room became the standard.

    Before he arrived the RA upgrade was a choice of either Jr Suite or lounge access, and if you took the suite you could buy up to lounge for $30.

    Glad to hear they’re now offering both, that’s even better! The junior suites aren’t really impressive, but I have a strong affinity for the old hotel itself. So very pleased to know that I should consider returning.

    But indeed, @hobo13, one needs now pay attention to changes at the IC LA! 🙁

  3. @ hobo13 and Gary — Unconfirmed rumor has it that our Candian friend may already be retired! His assignment in LA was on an interim basis.

  4. @ Sam — For what it’s worth, the guest relations manager at the IC SF is fantastic, so I’m sure she’ll make sure things stay the way they are regardless of who the new GM is.

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