The fun begins!

Well, the fun has already begun. As I predicted last night, there’s a crew delay on my TPA-IAD flight. This is the second time in a row, pretty pathetic, because they schedule the turn from the night before way too tight, considering that it’s always delayed. As of now I have a three minute connection at IAD, so it looks like I’ll misconnect. Usually I’m protected automatically in cases like this, but there’s nothing to protect me on! Everything is zeroed out somewhere along the path.

This is going to get real interesting. Usually there wouldn’t be much of a problem since I’m booked SEA-DEN-IAD and I’d just be booked on SEA-IAD nonstop (the redeye) worst case scenario, but this time the flight is also zeroed out.

Oh, best of all I’m sitting at TPA and I see a mainline A320, which will be flying the ORD flight. How exciting, a taste of what TPA will be like post-Ted!

Definitely going to be a fun morning.

Update: Right as I was about to hit “publish” for this post, I got an EasyUpdate. My upgrade cleared for IAD-SEA, which is an A319. This would actually be the first time I’m riding an A319 in F on a transcon (usually an impossible upgrade), but in this case I’ll probably miss it!

Further update: Now my flight is showing an even bigger delay, so I get into IAD 20 minutes after the flight before it leaves. This is going to get interesting…

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