The end of the travelers checks for miles era

As I blogged about a while back, a popular way to earn miles for free was to buy travelers checks fee free with your AMEX co-branded credit card and earn miles/points. Since this could be done once a week, that could translate to 50,000 miles a year, which is a nice chunk of mileage. Unfortunately, it all ended today. Apparently a memo was sent out no longer allowing the practice of purchasing them with AMEX co-branded CC’s, and it’s being strictly enforced. My brother tried to pick up his weekly checks earlier today in New York, and the agent confirmed what I feared.

Add that to the fact that the online offer isn’t valid anymore, and travelers checks no longer translate to free miles for us….

It was nice while it lasted, and I’m sure we’ll find some other loophole soon.

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  1. This isn’t meant as criticizm about your blogging about it (after all, I benefited from reading about the deal on several blogs), but quite honestly it doesn’t surprise me that Amex caught on to this trick after it was so widely publicized on many blogs. It’s a bit surprising to read the “outrage” displayed be some FTers who almost see it as their god-given or consistitutional right to get 1000 miles per week through this scheme.

  2. Agree, I’m not sure why people are outraged by this move by AMEX. These people have been taking advantage of a loophole in the system, announced it to others to do the same, then cry like a little baby when it’s taken away.

    We all like a good deal, but how much cheating is too much? =)

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