The coolest thing ever….

I meant to post about this yesterday morning when I arrived in Hong Kong, but I forgot. Anyway, sitting in row one of a 747 was probably the coolest thing ever as we were on approach into HKG. I was seated in seat 1K and we had a bit of a crosswind, so the plane was angled left on the approach to compensate for it. As a result, I had an absolutely spectacular view of the runway all the way down. As an airplane geek, nothing is more amazing than seeing the runway lights, tower, and terminal of Hong Kong Airport all the way down. The picture below really doesn’t do it justice.

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  1. Imagine the view from our military brothers, through a one-piece canopy at 60k feet and mach 1.8. Even the open desert is beautiful when you can see black sky above (in the daytime!).

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