Promotion At The Hilton Osaka Bar: The Bigger Your Heels, The Bigger Your Discount

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Oh, Japan…

I know this is only mildly related to hotels, but I’ll take advantage of the opportunity, because this story is just too good. In March the Hilton Osaka opened My Place Cafe & Bar, which seems to be their all day cafe. It’s not unusual for hotel bars to want to establish themselves as venues for non-hotel guests to visit, and different hotels have different ways of accomplishing that.

The Hilton Osaka has an especially unique way, though. Some places have ladies’ night, though the Hilton Osaka is taking it to the next level. Japan Today reports that on Thursdays between 6PM and 11:30PM they’re offering a “High Heels Ladies’ Night Discount.” As the name suggests, the bar is offering discounts to women wearing heels, and the bigger the heels, the bigger the discount. Here’s how the discount works:

  • Heels of at least 5cm score you a 10% discount
  • Heels of 7-9cm score you a 15% discount
  • Heels of 9-11cm score you a 20% discount
  • Heels of 11-13cm score you a 25% discount
  • Heels of 13-15cm score you a 30% discount
  • Heels of 15cm+ score you a 40% discount

So if you want that 40% discount you’ve gotta wear heels of at least six inches. I can’t really decide what my favorite part of this story is. What could possibly go wrong with a bunch of ladies drinking excessively to maximize their discount while being in heels that they can’t walk in? And perhaps most interestingly, whose job will it be to measure the heels, to determine the discount?

I sort of almost want to visit the place just to check out the logistics of this…

  1. Lol. My wife used to work as personal assistant and she can run with high heels and platform. Its one of the wonder of world how women can do it….

  2. I’m wondering if platform heels will count. Do they measure from the ball of the foot or from the ground?

  3. @ Ben — The FCQ will be scoring a 40% discount on our upcoming trip to Osaka. Pictures forthcoming…

  4. Amazing – I was just there last week and saw the promotions. It’s a half bar, half coffee shop on the ground floor.

    It’s not the kind of place, or location you’d spend any real time drinking, although the lobby which it opens onto is a busy space.

    It could just be their way of attracting working girls in, seeing as there isn’t a Grand Hyatt in Osaka.

  5. @Charlie McMillan – proving once again that people who complain about “political correctness” really mean, “Wah, I can’t be a bigot anymore”

  6. Sounds like FUN been going on about 40 years or so I’m an retired carpenter and have a Lazar which can measure 1/2 in @ 50 yards .I’ll be bye .


  7. I too would like to know more about the logistics of this. If you wear platforms, how do they measure them? Who is doing the measuring? Does the hotel waive any liability for drunken guests in extremely high heels? (Although, my two cents: women are pretty dang good at wearing heels, even while inebriated; I personally can sprint in stillettos, so I don’t see that last part as a worry).

    In all seriousness, however, as a woman I see no problem with this. I would absolutely put on the highest heels I had and get the biggest discount I could, and I don’t see any sexism in this. There are sexist things I get worked up about; this is not one of them.

  8. I have never ever looked @ a woman heels when she was standing in front of me . Go Have Fun that’s what this PR is about !!

  9. This is an awesome, hilarious idea and anyone that thinks this is “sexist”needs to take a chill pill and have some fun with it

  10. Seriously … they discriminate against males? High heels are torture enough without allowing my male friends to experience the ‘joy’! Anyone who wears 15cm+ heels deserve all they can reap.

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