TAP Air Portugal Offering 50% Off All Flights

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TAP Air Portugal has just launched what has the potential to be a really generous promotion. Specifically, TAP Air Portugal is offering 50% off both economy and business class fares.

The basic restrictions are as follows:

  • You must book at flytap.com February 8-10, 2019
  • You must commence outbound travel by February 28, 2019, and complete all travel by March 31, 2019
  • Airport taxes and fees are not included in the discount
  • These tickets can’t be changed

The biggest restriction here is that you need to commence travel in the coming weeks, though other than that, this is an incredible promotion, given that the 50% discount applies to all fare types.

To take advantage of this promotion just book on flytap.com using promotion code TP50, TAP50, or MEGAPROMO50 (I’m not sure why they have three different codes, but…).

Now here’s the problem. As of now these discount codes aren’t working, at least as far as I can tell. I don’t get how they can launch this promo but not have the codes working correctly.

Still, I think it’s worth writing about the promo now for anyone who already wants to start looking at flights, so that you’re ready to book when the promo goes live.

There are many things to love about TAP Air Portugal, including that:

  • They publish great one-way transatlantic fares, which is rare since most airlines charge a significant premium for just booking one-way
  • They allow free stopovers in Portugal for up to three days if you’re connecting to a medium or longhaul flight, which is a great way to visit two locations for the price of one

I write all the time about the great fares they publish, especially from Europe to the US. The catch is that most of these have a significant advance purchase requirement, so I’m not seeing any of those great fares for travel starting in February.

There are still some good fares, though, like a $1,900 roundtrip ticket from Sao Paulo to Lisbon in business class:

Or a $2,600 roundtrip business class ticket from New York to Stockholm:

This is before any discounts, so when you factor in the discounts you’re looking at sub-$1,000 tickets from South America to Lisbon, and sub-$1,400 tickets from the US to Europe, which is great.

Hopefully the promotion goes live soon…

  1. It works if clicked via the promo link. However the discount is only for the air fare only and excludes tax and other fees and so not really much saving.

  2. Noel Cruz, you should have grabbed that flight yesterday then? $440 is super cheap for business class, so it must have been a limited time special.

  3. I bought a LIS-JFK-EWR-LIS for around 1800. It was 3600 before the discount.
    You need to open an account with their miles program for it to work.

  4. @Chris,

    I’ve seen that link but I’m not sure I get it. Where is that booked? TAP’s website? If I only want a single one way Europe to NYC, am I out of luck?

  5. According to TAP now: ‘This offer is valid for TAP journeys starting until February 28 and completed before December 31.’

  6. @Mark P
    For the 50% only on TAP’s website, but not that much availability as flights need to start before 28 Febraury.
    For the oneway tickets out of New York, you may book with an OTA, that’s a bit cheaper. Availability is the best the more you look in advance, for example in October very good availability. Check for the dates for the oneway flights on Google Flights, that’s the easiest way.
    If you need help with your dates contact the page in the link. They will help 😉

  7. Chris is correct, TAP has consistently low fares, including Business Class.

    I paid $700 for DUB-LIS-SFO in Business, for instance, and that is a flight this coming summer

  8. Once again I fell for this classic bait and switch. I swore that after my previous attempts lasting hours and hours on the computer at finding a business class seat in these “promotions”, that I would never fall again for TAP and IB tricks that you bloggers (innocently?) repeat and post on line. I have tried all dates in their promotion window from all US gateways to any TAP european destination, and NO absolutely NO 50% discount business class available or the ones that I did find were at nearly $4000 return fares. (3,400 Euros to be exact, not including the forced layover connection in LIS of over 12 hours , so hotel at my expense) we come to a US dollar total of 4,000.
    That is not a %50 discount. Plus most of the time today Feb 8 and Feb 9 the TAP system crashes. ( I have a friend in LIS on a different time zone also trying for me on TAP’s portugal website. Forget trying to get business at a discount. Plenty of economy though.

    You bloggers should do a bit more research before posting to all your followers. Hours wasted here.

  9. It works. Make sure you start travel before Feb 28 AND the TAP Miles&Go discount is not active in your flight search..

  10. what a joke of a website! Do they ever manage to get any bookings?

    I’ve had the discount price show then it jumps back up when I went to pay. Happens when I log into my account as well. And if I try and search again (to get the discount price) it says I already have a booking in process but there is no option to say ‘start again’

    hopeless but I shall try again a couple of times but otherwise it will be ‘tchau’ TAP

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