Tampa gets new international service… but not the kind I want!

Living in Tampa, I’m depressed by the lack of international options we have out of here. Aside from service to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada, we have a single British Airways flight to London Gatwick… yes, Gatwick, London’s forgotten step-child of an airport. Yes, that’s the airport in London that will connect you to just about any spring break destination in the world, but nowhere else useful.

My wet dream is that Lufthansa eventually starts service from Tampa to Frankfurt. I realize it’s a long shot, but there’s nothing I’d love more than to leave home, board a Lufthansa flight in the evening, and wake up eight hours later in Frankfurt.

Well, it seems my dream is kind of coming true… well, not really.

Tampa has been eying new service, as I blogged about back in March, and in particular wants Alaska Airlines and Virgin America. Well, destination-wise we have more exciting news.

Ready for this?

Starting next May, we’ll have nonstop service from Tampa to Zurich… on Edelweiss. Yes, that’s Swiss’ low cost carrier featuring just coach and a (really crappy) business class product.

The service will be twice weekly for the summer, and once weekly in winter.

That’s the least exciting news that was almost exciting all week! I guess Lufthansa will start service here once they start a low cost subsidiary.

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  1. I guess Tampa just isn’t an attractive enough destination…your being there notwithstanding. Everyone flies to Orlando thanks to the Mouse and to Miami…thanks to South Beach I guess. But Tampa-St. Pete just isn’t on the general tourist radar.

  2. Gatwick is going through some interesting changes since the sale, hopefully there will be some good connections for u soon. šŸ™‚

  3. Once or twice a week? What’s the point? Sounds more like a charter. Guess not much chance of a MR if you have to wait a week for your return flight.

  4. Maybe it’s time to consider relocating. Suggestions: Palo Alto for Stanford Business School (Lufthansa flies from SFO) or Cambridge, MA for Harvard Business School. Bet you’d be first in your class!

  5. “Gatwick … the airport in London that will connect you to just about any spring break destination in the world, but nowhere else useful.”

    Tampa being (a) a leisure destination (at least for Brits) and (b) generally not too useful otherwise, it makes sense that LGW is the base for the service.

  6. I am curious, does Edelweiss earn EQMs & RDMs like an LX flight? Can a person credit this then to Mileage Plus or Air Canada?

  7. Hi! Just wanted to add that Edelweiss is not a low cost subsidiary of LX but their (holiday) charter business. Edelweiss was founded by a group of tour operators in Switzerland and about two years ago bought by LX. So Edelweiss usually operates routes to the Mediterranean, North Africa, Egypt and the Caribics.

  8. Having lived in London for almost 2 years I have to say that LGW is so much better for those hopes to Europe AND getting me to Orlando easily. Ya, move out of Tampa if you want more.

  9. Flew them few month ago, and I’d say it’s the best business class soft product I have seen yet. Despite the hard product is a bit crappy, but perfect compared to LH old business class.

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