Taking advantage of the lack of Starnet blocking

I’ve blogged ad nauseam about the award I recently booked for my mom and brother to Egypt, and although I’m happy with the routing, I felt the need to take advantage of the lack of Starnet blocking that we’re seeing right now.

The return journey they have right now is great, so I didn’t want to touch that. It’s the outbound where I decided to try my luck. Right now they’re flying TPA-IAD on Ted, then IAD-ZRH on United, and then ZRH-CAI on Swiss. On the plus side the IAD-ZRH flight showed as being the new configuration and since they’re in F, that would be nice for an overnight flight. On the down side there have been quite a few aircraft substitutions on this route lately, and I would hate for them to go from the new first class product to the old first class seat from one moment to the next. Add to that the fact that their connection in ZRH was only 1.5 hours, and I think we can do better, especially with UA’s international on-time record (or lack thereof).

So I started playing around with the ANA tool for a bit, and I managed to find some availability on LH for ORD-FRA-CAI. ORD-FRA would be in F on the A340-600, which has to be one of my favorite planes, and FRA-CAI would be on the A330-300, another nice plane. Since both of these planes only have eight F seats, it’s a comfortable ride up front. Sadly the daytime FRA-CAI wasn’t available, so they would get into FRA at 7AM and leave for CAI shortly before 11PM. While many might not like the idea of that, they have relatives in FRA that they could visit, or if they prefer they could get a free day room at the Hotel Kempinski to get some rest.

Sadly TPA-ORD wasn’t available nonstop on Ted, so they’re routed TPA-CLT-ORD on US in F.

Due to the reissue they were going to refund 54 cents, but I instead offered to donate it to Glenn Tilton’s pension. While she liked the idea, she said it would be easier to just buy him a cup of coffee. I could tell there were a lot of things she wanted to say, but due to monitoring of calls I’m sure she restricted herself just a little. 😉

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  1. I assume the cup of Java was due to a minor difference in taxes between the two itineraries. Does that mean there isn’t a fee for changing award flights once ticketed?

  2. The minor difference was due to the change in taxes, correct. There usually is a fee for changing award routings, but it’s waived for 1K members, which ranks up there as one of my favorite benefits.

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