Tacky or not?

First of all, I’m happy to report that I made it to Vegas. The agent in Tampa was able to confirm me via IAD for the whole routing, despite the IAD-LAS flight being nearly sold out. In the end it didn’t really matter, since the IAD-LAS flight took standbys, so I would have gotten on either way.

Anyway, the shuttle bus to my hotel in Vegas had the following sign posted on the window:

I found it to be tacky. First of all, I don’t think it’s professional to have a sign like that, but if you’re going to have something like that posted, I think it would be more professional on a placard. Am I off base?

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  1. I hate the US tipping culture/system. A bus driver who helps me with a load of heavy luggage would get a tip, but a driver who takes me (and 10 other people) from A to B? For what?

  2. They make it seem as if u owe them. God forbid they find out ur on vacation b/c if u can afford to have a vacation then u can afford to pay their mortgage. Like Brian, I feel the same. The past nite I took my 12yo son out to eat & the bill came to $42 which included gratuity & the waitress still asked if I want my change.The tip culture is blatant, ignorant & disrespectful.

  3. Ok, this supposed “tip culture” (frankly I want to reward good service and punish bad service) aside….

    What I think is tacky is that it would be kind of nice to you know, be able to see out of a window. Plastering a huge sign on a window seems very tacky. “I know you are trying to look out this window, so please do it by looking through my huge sign.”

    …Course in Vegas if you look past that tacky sign, most of what you will see is equally tacky billboards. 🙂

  4. I agree. Very tacky. It reminds me of your Continental versus Singapore analogy. Service that is in-your-face-constantly-announced as being the best. Or, service that is proven subtly but consistently to be award-winning and outstanding. In a tip culture, which one would get my tip? Not the one that forced me and reminded me that I HAD to tip them.

  5. If the van were pretty full and the driver couldn’t see me doing so, I might have written him a tip on the sheet of paper like…

    TIP: Stop blocking my view with this pathetic request for handouts.

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