Surviving the redeye…. in a lounge

Wow, what a night! As soon as we boarded the DPS-SIN flight we felt as if we were boarding a redeye. Neither of us were totally adjusted to Bali time, so were quite tired by the time the flight rolled around.

Anyway, we had the genius idea of not getting a transit hotel and instead staying in the lounge, as stated above. At first it sounded dreadful, but it turned out to be one of the coolest parts of the trip!

We got to the lounge at 11:15PM and were able to catch up on the world (although AJ was much more connected than I was while gone), which was nice. Surprisingly enough the tired state we were in quickly went away, and we were up at the same time as our counterparts on the east coast of the US.

We had a lot of tea with sugar (a recommendation AJ made) in order to stay awake, and I have to admit it was damn good!

We even had free entertainment in the lounge. The SIN-LHR redeye was cancelled (I believe the A380), and eventually got downgraded to a 747. The passengers were furious like no other, and some of the stuff we heard was bordering on laughable.

At around 3:45AM we decided it was time to enter another country for the trip, so we “visited” Singapore. The airport was totally empty (except for the “guards” walking through the airport with machine guns), and we headed to immigration where we filled out our forms.

While the immigration agent was a bit confused about why we were leaving at 3AM and asked AJ a few questions, the agent I had didn’t say anything. This continues my streak with Singapore immigration. The only question they’ve ever asked me is whether I’d like a piece of candy, which I always decline. Gotta love it!

We got some fresh air and at 4:15AM went to UA check-in so that AJ could get his boarding passes. The T3 check-in setup is very impressive and sleek looking.

We then were able to check out the F lounge (don’t worry, I took plenty of pictures of), which we had entirely to ourselves.

AJ is now on his way to NRT and then ORD, while I just took a shower and am waiting for my flight to Shanghai in a bit.

I’m betting I’ll sleep most of the SIN-PVG flight and then again on PVG-YYZ, but we’ll see. I’m still feeling pretty good considering how long I’ve been up.

Let the travels continue!

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