Sub-$1,200 Business Class Tickets Between New York and Paris Still Available!

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On Thursday I wrote about the amazing business class fares published on oneworld between New York and Paris, which seem to be matching the fares published by all business class airline La Compagnie.

It was a ~$1,700 fare valid for travel on American, British Airways, or OpenSkies, and if you were traveling in pairs the fare was just ~$1,500 per person. The sale could be stacked with a $400 AARP discount and 10% off coupon from the British Airways Visa Card.

The fare was pulled later that evening, though appears to be back once again. While the two person discount is no longer available, the ~$1,700 business class fare between New York and Paris is still available, and it can be lowered to under $1,200 with the AARP and British Airways Visa discounts.


Availability continues to be wide open, and it seems like the eligible travel dates have even been extended — you can now travel on this fare through October.


This is an incredible value, so if you’re looking to go to Europe this summer or fall from the east coast, this is an unbeatable deal. I’d recommend hopping on this deal sooner rather than later, as the fare won’t last.

Have you booked one of these cheap business class tickets to Europe yet?


  1. @Lucky – I have said it before and I’ll say it again: you are the single most authoritative travel blogger providing phenomenal information to the minions such as me. I know we don’t thank you often but what you do is greatly appreciated. Hope to meet you at the University in Dallas this summer.

  2. I was able to book this great fare last Thursday for a July trip. Now that the fare is back, I just now booked another one for a trip in August. You’re so awesome!!! With all the deals you post, I will be able to re-qualify for EXP for next year by September with all the trips I already have planned.

    Thank you!!!

  3. I looked at the fare and while it is incredibly inexpensive, it is of limited use for those of us who don’t live near NYC. For a family of four the positioning costs both to NYC and intra Europe are so high that the fare no longer saves enough money to be worth the more circuitous routing. At that point I would rather fly in the back of the bus with minimal number of stops.

    Congrats to those who could take full advantage of this deal.

  4. Lucky – would I be able to use the Amex Platinum Complanion ticket with this if i pay the full $1,700? That would make it $850 each!

  5. The flight numbers for OpenSkies fall within the allowable ranges for crediting to AS Mileage Plan, but the AS site also says “your flight must be marketed and operated by British Airways.” Given that this shows up everywhere as “operated by OpenSkies” does anyone have firsthand experience as to whether these credit properly to AS?

  6. hi lucky if we buy this ticket through the aarp special portal will we receive american airlines frequent flyer miles and will this fare count towards the platinum challenge on american airlines?

    thank you,

  7. I find the La Compagnie website very hard to use. I tried to book a fare last year, but the website refused to respond, and I was forced to book through a Travel Agent. Do you know if this has improved at all?

  8. @ Vaynu K. — The website isn’t great, but maybe try a different browser or try again? It shouldn’t be impossible.

  9. @ Baqa — Technically it wouldn’t qualify for mileage credit with Alaska, though in practice it may still credit.

  10. I snagged one yesterday from JFK to CDG, late September/early October for $1299.00 on American! I am pretty sure it is the new 767-300 also. Here’s the extra sweet spot: I had already booked a mileage redemption with United on TAP when they had a biz class sale earlier this year. When I went in to cancel and re-deposit my miles, ($150.00, added to the $1299.00, still an amazing deal), and there was a schedule change! No re-deposit charge!!! I love it when I trade up a good deal for an AMAZING DEAL! Thanks Lucky!!!

  11. Thank you!!! Just booked two tickets JFK-CDG r/t for September, Business class $2600
    Thru BA/AARP Code share flight with American. Can I get American miles although booked with BA?

  12. I would much prefer to book out of JFK, but I couldn’t find availability on OpenSkies, and the AA flight is not eligible for the 10% CARDOFFERU discount. Ultimately I’m willing to go to Newark, grudgingly, to save $130 per person.

  13. Snagged a ticket out of EWR on Open Skies. I chose EWR because I can get a cheap SWA non-stop out of Nashville to Newark ($230) instead of a connection to JFK. I am also now a proud AARP member (been avoiding it since I turned 50). Flying in to ORY and then on to AMS for a long ‘lost’ weekend in October. Thanks for the heads up Lucky!

  14. Do you know whether these flights are comfortable compared to business class on wide bodies? I’m thinking of flying from Chicago, so there would be the extra fare of flying to EWR or JFK, so it’s only worth it if there’s not much difference. Thanks.

  15. @ Richard — Well you can also fly British Airways on a widebody, or American’s 767. But yes, I wouldn’t be worried about flying a 757 transatlantic. It’s quite comfortable as well.

  16. It doesn’t seem like I’m able to apply the AARP discount to the $1700 fare any more. Anyone else have any better luck?

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