Somehow I can live without that free trip to Australia…

Matthew wishes he would have been in the audience for the first show of Oprah’s last season, as all 300 guests will get to accompany her on a trip to Australia. For a second I was bummed too. Then I saw the video:

I’m not bummed anymore! šŸ˜‰

Very cool giveaway, though!

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  1. I am always amused at how absolutely apes**t the audience gets whenever the queen tosses them a giveaway. I mean is a trip to Australia really worth all of that crying, hysteria, the madness? Airfares were going for under a grand this year, and you can certainly find a hotel to fit any budget. If you are that desperate for a vacation, book a darn ticket!

  2. I hope that they all consult their tax adviser. This prize is a taxable event. (just like the car Oprah “gifted”)

  3. @MS – it’s a different world for these folks. They are drinking the Oprah Koolaid and to them, it’s all about the experience, not just the destination.

  4. @MS I completely agree. I went to SYD for $740 r/t from DEN. I also got the miles, and made 1P, and I’ll be 1K next time I go.. Interesting reactions from the crown.

  5. “We are GOING to AU-STRA-LIA” in her man voice = priceless. I’d never want to be stuck on a plane with those nutjob moms on a trip with the big African queen.


    – No men allowed (outside of prearranged “companions” of Mr. Travolta in the cockpit)

    – Your in flight entertainment consists of an unreleased 10 hour Director’s Cut of “Battlefield Earth”.

    – No outside reading material permitted. Copies of “O” Magazines will be provided.

    – Passengers are required to remain in their seats in a state of pure, rapturous ecstasy at all times. Scientology counselors will administer complimentary stress kits to all.

    – Of course unlimited servings of Kool-Aid brand beverages will be served.

  7. @MS “I mean is a trip to Australia really worth all of that crying, hysteria, the madness?”

    Of course it is, Australia is awesome šŸ˜›
    “Terms and Conditions” = QFT

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