Some cool pilot briefing videos!

Gosh, I love YouTube. Just when I thought I’d seen all the cool videos, I find these three cheesy but awesome videos:

The first thing I noticed about the videos was that they all featured United pilots, based on the uniforms, the routes they’re flying, and the aircraft. These videos are a bit over the top cheesy, or maybe I should say “by the book,” but I wasn’t expecting any less for an FAA video. The whole briefings just come across as a bit too much”teacher/student to me, which really isn’t the case in the US airline industry, at least among the legacies,  where we’re talking about all the pilots having 10+ years experience. I had to chuckle when the 747 captain in the first video (who looks young, by the way, for a United 747 captain), talks to his first officers as if it’s their first day flying.

Also, in the first video they say they’re flying from Chicago to Frankfurt, and then for the pre-arrival briefing they’re flying into PHL? On a United 747?!?!?

Also, no mention of Channel 9? 😉

I know I’m totally overanalyzing this, but as a United geek it’s difficult for me not to….

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  1. The FAA, airlines and pilots’ unions cooperate on the making of these safety videos. Even though this may be oozing with cheese and sound scripted, these types of briefings do occur. As a GA pilot, I have a similar briefing when I fly with another pilot on board. It leads to better crew resource management and aeronautical decision making.

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