Great SkyTeam Business Class Fares From London To Seoul

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Discounted premium fares are fairly common between certain cities in mainland Europe (like Oslo, Stockholm and Milan) and Southeast Asia (Bangkok especially, as well as Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Jakarta, etc.). However, deals between London, with their expensive departure tax, and Northern Asia are much rarer.

Right now there are great business class fares flying SkyTeam from London, UK to Seoul, South Korea, from as low as £1,366 (~$1,750) per person.

While Korean Air, a fellow SkyTeam member, operates the route direct, as you might imagine, this direct flight is not included in the deal.

You can instead fly either KLM from Heathrow (or London City for slightly more) via Amsterdam, or Air France via Paris (CDG).

You can also do one carrier one way, and the other for the return for the same price.

I can see availability at this price departing many Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays from now until the end of schedule.

While the intra Europe legs between London and Amsterdam or Paris aren’t anything to get excited about, the long haul legs are on Boeing 777s for both carriers.

KLM’s 777 business class seats, which Ben reviewed here, are fully flat and in a 2-2-2 configuration.

Air France uses a three class 777 (with no first class), which should have their new 1-2-1 reverse herringbone business class seating, which Ben reviewed here.

In terms of where to credit the miles, both carriers offer routings that are around 11,000 miles total flown. Both carriers’ long haul segments from ITA Matrix book into ‘O’ class, which I believe is their business award fare bucket, which doesn’t make any sense.

So I assume this will ticket/credit as Z class for the long haul segments – their discounted business class bucket, which earns 125% in most SkyTeam programs (plus any status bonuses). You can check the best programs to credit those flights to on

Bottom line

I don’t see London to North Asia deals very often in business class.

Given the quick connection options in Paris and Amsterdam, these are great fares for anyone looking to travel in comfort between the two cities.

  1. These discounted business class tickets on AF and KL earn a pittance in Flying Blue Miles (redeemable miles) under the new Flying Blue program (from 1st April 2018) – FB Platinum earns: base fare in Euros x 8 Miles/Euro.

    For this reason, I as a LHR based SkyTeam Elite Plus, now avoid AF/KL and favour KE/VN/GA/CI etc….

  2. If this is actually Z class, it seems like you get 200% (excluding any medallion bonus) when you credit to DL Skymiles!

  3. To add this my previous comment.

    Is there any other FFP like Flying Blue, where it is more beneficial (e.g. earn Miles) to not fly with the FFP airline? Instead you earn more by flying with SkyTeam partner airlines.

    Or is Flying Blue unique in this respect?

  4. @Stuart AAdvantage operates like that. You get EQD 1:1 if you fly on American metal, but you earn more EQD on discounted business fares flown on OW partners.

  5. James, your assumption on the fare class is wrong. Starting in 2018 Skyteam introduced a new deeply discounted business class fare bucket called “O”.

    This means availability depends on O availability and also mileage credit, where it’s not revenue based, depends on O class. I’m not sure if the “wheretocredit” fully reflects this, but indeed it seems that it does not credit to many programs.

  6. Not to mention in either transit city, AMS or CDG, since UK is in the non-schengen zone, both ways you’d either get Air France’s great new Hall L non-schengen Lounge, or in Amsterdam, KLM’s newly redone non-schengen crown lounge 52. Pretty neat experience to add both ways if you ask me. Great find lucky!

  7. Thank you for this article James. Probably not something I will take advantage of but I am always interested in really long haul premium fares. How do you locate these discount premium fares? Tips from readers or is there a website that focuses on them? I can usually only find discount fares on coach.

  8. Thanks for this. For earning on Delta, looks like it books into an “O” class, which earns zero MQM’s – I could be wrong, and may be missing something??

    (It’s a good fare for travel, to be sure,’tho, if one is not “needing” to earn miles towards future travel, status, etc).

  9. If this is truly an O fare and gets nothing on Delta, that’s a terrible development. I could book W (premium economy) for less and get 150% MQM. This is stupid.

  10. @James
    I have flown AF several times in J with their 1-2-1 configuration on the 77W with no complaints. However, it looks like on my next flight (booked for mid-April) they have thr 2-3-2 old style on both the outbound and return.
    This is at least according the the seatmap on the AF Website.

    Anybody know when they will reconfigure the last of the 3-class 777s?

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